A Bittersweet Symphony: Poems By Tyler Knott Gregson

Every writer, whether they admit it or not, has the habit of searching for others like themselves. We might admire them from afar, try to find faults in their work out of jealousy or secretly bookmark their work for ‘inspiration’ later. The fact remains, we can’t get enough of others’ writing.

In our quest to find another writer in order to escape from the boredom of everyday life, we chanced upon Tyler Knott Gregson and boy, were we taken aback. Gregson is an Instagram poet as well as a professional photographer. Apart from photographs from his day to day life, Gregson posts his poems, which, to say the least, touched our hearts in such a way that we find words are incapable of expressing it. Gregson’s poetry is mainly posted in two categories- ‘Daily Haiku Of Love’ and a ‘Typewriter Series’.

The word Haiku in Japanese means ‘a verse of three lines’.

Haiku by T.K.Gregson


Gregson posts at least one Haiku poem every day.

On the other hand, under his Typewriter Series, Gregson posts poems that he has typed on out on a typewriter. The inspiration for this came in 2012, when Gregson found an old typewriter in an antique shop in Helena, Montana (which also happens to be his hometown) and just sat down and typed out a poem on the spot.


Typewriter Series- T.K.Gregson


Describing his tryst with the typewriter, he says,

I just did it all at once and it was like stream of consciousness, I didn’t plan it or think it through—I just let it go.

But then, that’s what writing from the heart is all about. It doesn’t need to be planned out carefully, it’s spontaneous and belongs to that very moment.

Gregson has over 200K followers on Instagram. What really stands out is the fact that, no doubt he writes about love, relationships and heartbreaks, but unlike most of the other mainstream, or say, popular social media poets, most of his poems are about human emotions other than love. They are about fear, failure, courage, struggle, passion, confidence and happiness. Maybe this is one reason why he appeals to so many people, because he, through his poems, connects with them on more than one personal level.



Here are a few of our favourites. Take a look at them but be warned, you’ll end up falling in love with his poetry!


Two lines. That’s it. That’s all that Gregson has taken to bring us face to face with what true love is. It’s as simple as these two lines, yet, as complex as the meaning hidden behind them. It’s as passionate as the waves crashing in the sea, and at other times, as soothing as the calm waters. True love is all-enduring.




Isn’t it beautiful to see the hero, with his beloved, gazing at him/her with a look that melts even the hardest of hearts? Do we not shed a tear inside, when we realise how true it is? Aren’t we reminded of The Notebook, which stands as a true ode to these feelings. When a lover is looking at his beloved lying next to him and is thankful for the sight that he beholds in front of his eyes.




In this poem, Gregson explains in a few words, the feeling which grabs each one of us at one point of time or the other. The feeling that we are all afraid of. The feeling that we cannot fathom or understand for there are no words to describe it. Even as Gregson voices our thoughts, he presents them as a question too. What is this emptiness inside us? And if it truly is silent and empty, then how does it end up occupying all the space our thoughts hold?




In the following poem, Gregson writes, what we would like to call, a universal poem. This poem can be taken in context of not one but many emotions. Be it love, fear, hurt, failure or determination. Whatever be the context, the basis is the same- it all is something we come across and find to be unexplainably hard. But, as is in our nature, we learn to handle it, we fight the bad, take in the good. We break along the way, pick up the pieces and start over again. In the end, it’s all worth it.




One of our favorite poems, the following poem should be everyone’s life mantra. Gregson simply puts it out there- in our frantic fight and struggle to overcome all odds, let’s hope we don’t forget to see the massive strength that each one of us holds. Rather than barely hanging in there, ride over the wave with your head held high!




“Every dark cloud has a silver lining.” We’ve been fed this saying since we all were little kids. Now here is our personal favorite from all of Gregson’s poems. Reason? For the first time someone has explained to us what that silver lining actually is. It’s us. No one else. No other person, no situation. Us. Gregson explains through words full of strength and passion, we are our own source of light, happiness and joy. No one else can do it for us. We agree. After all, as the saying goes, “We are all we need.”



Tyler Knott Gregson is a remarkable poet. One of a kind. Not because he writes about human emotion. But because he is one of the rare poets, who write to ignite a spark within us all. He makes us believe in the strength of our souls. One thing is for sure, Gregson’s words will stay with us, in every moment, reassuring us every step of the way. Words are mighty tools, and Gregson has touched the very core of our hearts with his!


To see more of his soulful work, visit his Instagram (@tylerknott), Twitter: (@TylerKnott) or check out his official website (tylerknott.com).


Image Courtsey: tylerknott.com

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