7 Ways in which CBD can Bring Life Back to Your Skin!

Here are all the ways in which CBD can naturally boost your skincare routine and help you feel fresher, younger, and ready to take on the day!

Skin Deep…
Skin issues and conditions are extremely prevalent in today’s world. We have everything: from mild issues like allergies and irritation, to serious cases of skin cancer, psoriasis, or infections caused by bacteria or fungi.

Factors like sun exposure, bacteria, fungi, autoimmune conditions, or environmental causes, like chemical exposure, can cause a colorful array of skin issues that can range from slightly uncomfortable to interrupting our lives completely.
Skin, particularly on our face, is very sensitive to internal imbalance and external factors, such as the sun, products we are exposed to, materials, food, the wind… you name it; most things affect our skin in one way or another.

Our face is particularly exposed to the environment, since it is generally uncovered, unlike the rest of the body. We touch our face constantly, and expose it to a lot of bacteria and dirt by doing so; not to mention it is generally the first one to call us out for eating too much chocolate, or drinking too much milk… Who hasn’t woken up with a surprise pimple the day after eating a creamy dessert, or something the body is particularly sensitive to? I know I do all the time.

Lately, the scientific community has been exploring the benefits of adding CBD to daily skincare, or even just using it on occasion to relieve a temporary condition. It is showing a lot of promise, and scientific studies are being carried out in order to better understand how this component acts on our skin and body. Hopefully, we’ll learn more in the next few years!

But First Things First… What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural component found in cannabis plants. It has a lot of medicinal benefits that make our lives a million times better, and are even showing promise as a treatment for devastating illnesses, such as epilepsy and severe autism. However, we often overlook how these benefits can improve our skin’s health and general wellness…

Since cannabis derived CBD is completely natural and has close to no side effects, it has an amazing potential of becoming a complementary treatment, or even a main treatment for some symptoms and conditions that are currently treated by strong synthetic, or overly processed medicine that causes a lot of uncomfortable and unhealthy side effects.

7 CBD Skin Benefits

1 Relieves Pain
CBD has pain relieving properties that are still being studied by the scientific community, which will, in time, allow us to better understand and get the most out of them. And, when it comes to skin, CBD creams are really helpful for pain caused by bruising, burns or irritation. It makes the day a little easier when pain gets in the way.

2 Calms Irritation and Itchiness
CBD reduces skin irritation and itchiness and their related symptoms (redness, pain, burning sensation). Whether the irritation or itching is caused by a skin condition, illness, allergies, or hormonal changes, CBD reduces it, making you feel less uncomfortable and frustrated.

3 Reduces Redness
As it does with irritation, CBD reduces redness caused by different factors, like allergies, light sunburns, acne, or inflammation. It targets the underlying cause of the redness, improving the issue from the root. It also regulates the immune response that sometimes causes it.

4 Reduces Inflammation
One of the medicinal effects CBD is best known for, is its anti inflammatory properties. It reduces and manages inflammation in different parts of the body, depending on how you use it, and what the issue is. And, if you apply it as a cream, patch, or in any topical form, it lessens eye puffiness and general inflammation in the specific area.

5 Helps reduce acne, and other bacterial and fungal infections
Cannabidiol’s anti-fungal and antibiotic properties have shown a lot of promise for the treatment of acne and different bacterial and fungal infections. This is why it is currently being studied for this very purpose. If we can get an acne medication that works and doesn’t produce the devastating effects most antibiotics do, that will be a huge step forward!

6 Antioxidant
CBD has antioxidant properties and benefits the skin when applied topically, or the entire body when consumed orally.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that happens within us, generating free radicals that could potentially damage our healthy cells (including skin cells), not allowing them to regenerate properly, and possibly causing them to grow in an unhealthy way, which is linked to cancer and other conditions. CBD, and other foods and components, such as vitamin C, have antioxidant properties, which means that they bind to free radicals, not allowing them to affect healthy cells.

7 Promotes Healing
CBD, through its effect on our endocannabinoid system, gives a little boost to our own body’s ability to heal. This helps injuries, irritation and bruising heal a lot quicker, while, as I said above, relieving any pain and discomfort in the meantime.

And there are endocannabinoid receptors all over our skin, which makes it highly sensitive to cannabinoid stimuli…

Why CBD is the Better Option

CBD is clearly the better skincare option out there. It has no detrimental side effects, unlike some acne medication or chemical-filled face creams; it is completely natural; and it has an array of beneficial effects on the skin that no other skincare product can provide all at once.

People who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, and even some forms of skin cancer, have found that CBD applied topically for a period of time, helps them eliminate or improve their condition immensely when other medication hadn’t helped, or had caused too many side effects.

As cannabis and its medicinal uses become more widely accepted and understood, people are starting to be more aware of the different benefits it can provide. And, as regulation begins popping up, quality starts improving and we are able to take better advantage of the products.

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