Animal Problems: A Comic Strip by Geoffrey Hewer-Candee

Even the theory of evolution sometimes seems like a paradox when it comes to understanding how humans differ in their functioning from their fellow species – the animals. Deep down we are animals and let’s face it we are known to give into our animal instincts at least twice a day. Some would argue we have brains that actually function and problems that actually matter. To trump this assumption of yours we have a very interesting discovery up our sleeves.

Geoffrey Hewer- Candee, a self proclaimed animal psychologist finds himself deeply sympathizing with the species. He has recently inducted into the comic world a hilarious series by the name of Animal Problems. Through his sadorable (sad+ adorable) illustrations of fictional everyday problems of  animals, he wants to hit the human psyche hard. His aim is to make, us humans realize the pettiness of the everyday challenges and problems that we continuously bemoan.

Geoffrey, who is a graduate from the school of Museum of Fine Arts, specializes in illustration and graphic designing. He came out with his much talked about comic strip series last year in the month of December. Instantly after the launch of the series, sites everywhere exploded with comments and likes of humour junkies who sat in front of their devices clenching their stomachs lest they burst with hilarity.

The incorporation of simple designs without the use of intricate and highly complex illustration is the real charm of this particular art work. Like his many other works the artist had started this series with 8 to 13 year olds as his target audience but its cute and captivating concept has been successful in claiming the hearts of not only kids but the adults as well.

Geoffrey Hewer – Candee has used routine human interactions and moments as his inspiration and has re-conceptualized them in terms of what a normal day would look like in the animal world. When you are done reading the series you would be surprised to find yourself laughing at your own age old problems and complexities of greed, cold noses, arachnophobia, blaming the victim, allergies, double standards amongst many other. Wouldn’t that be delightful (* laughs*)

Take a look at the choicest problems that we have picked out for you and let your room resonate with laughter.

We know you haven’t had your fill of the Animal Problems just yet, so go catch up with the entire series on Geoffrey Hewer- Candee’s website.

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