5 Pranks to Indulge in This April Fools’ Day

A few seconds’ worth of effort gives you joy for hours when you fiddle  with your friend’s phone and change his/her WhatsApp status to – “I was so surprised when I was born. I couldn’t speak for a year”. Such cute little pranks lighten small moments of our (sometimes) long, boring days. We celebrate World Water Day,  World Cancer Day, International Literacy Day, and given  (almost) equal importance among these  heavyweights, is April Fools’ Day celebrated worldwide on 1st April every year. Isn’t it pretty awesome that we have a special day to celebrate pranks and practical jokes?


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While you must be waiting for 1st April for Ki & Ka, make the most of April Fools’ Day with these amusing yet easy pranks to play on your friends or co-workers or family members that will leave them mildly annoyed, and you, grinning with satisfaction :-

1. A Game of Fire and Technology

Hide all of the desktop icons on someone’s computer and replace the monitor’s wallpaper with a screen-shot of their desktop! This one is actually funnier than it sounds. Your victim will be left wondering what’s wrong with their computer while the screenshot angle might not even occur to them!

This one is particularly doable in a work environment. A moment’s carelessness (of leaving his/her laptop for a few moments in your company) will decide who your target is. So when your co-worker gets up to attend an important phone call or grab a cup of coffee, take their laptop and press ctrl + alt + down arrow. Your target will be breathing fire when they realize that their monitor’s display is upside down! (this can be rectified by ctrl + alt + up arrow after they plead and beg you to correct it). We know for a fact that one lucky person is getting the taste of this prank at the TYS Office.

upside down tys

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2. Doctor..Who?

This prank can be done on a person who might not recognize your voice over the phone from a different number or you can simply ask someone to do it for you. Phone a friend and tell them you’re a doctor, and you’re very, very sorry, but you did everything you could to save their….. (pretend that the connection dropped out. The era of call drops?). Wait for a few seconds, and give your deepest condolences. Then hang up. Your victim will be left in complete bewilderment and will think of their entire family tree to figure out who is no more!

3. Charlie and The Colgate Factory

Everybody likes Oreo biscuits right? But for fools’ day, have your own recipe for it. Replace its cream-filling with toothpaste and offer it to someone. The next time they eat or so much as see a packet of Oreo biscuits on display, they’ll be reminded of some embarrassing memories!

oreo tys

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4. The Curious Case of Benjamin’s Wardrobe

This might take a little effort, but it’s completely worth it. Also, you need to be a good actor for this one to work. Bring multiple sets of clothes to work, change every hour, and act like nothing’s different. This will leave the people around you in confusion all day! If someone does come up to you to ask what the deal is, you can sweeten the deal by saying ‘ oh don’t worry, something went wrong with an experiment, that’s just me from different points of past, present and future.’ Make sure to have your most innocent smile on!

5. Precautionary Gear Advisable

Your sibling will be in for some surprise when she’s looking forward to a good hair day. Fill her hair-dryer with baby powder and watch her fume (and later curse you)! Make sure you have all the exits covered for then they come after you, huffing and puffing.


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These pranks are bound to make your 1st April comical. We strongly recommend you try at least one of them and do justice to fools’ day!

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