This Week’s Instagram Feature: Bisma Rizwan

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Not just savoring life through pictures but also exhibiting desires of wanderlust, the young and talented Bisma Rizwan of Karachi is gaining popularity for her exhilarating display of artwork on Instagram.

Through her photography skills, she doesn’t just compose a picture but displays art in the most extraordinary manner. Her use of the hashtag #WorldMapSeries has been greatly admired and followed; her love for the bokeh effect and playing around with the shutter speed make her images not just dramatic, but alluring.

In a conversation with TYS, Bisma Rizwan talks about her current life, inspirations, future plans and her obsession with world maps. Read on for the same.

Q. What are you doing at the moment?

I’m a student. Just completed my A Levels, and I’m based in Karachi, Pakistan.


Q. How long have you been involved in creating art? When and why did you take up photography?

Creating art? Probably since forever. Art has been my passion ever since I was a child, and it just grows with time. As for photography, I had always been the kind of kid who preferred being behind the camera rather than in front of it, as for seriously considering photography as a medium to express myself, I think it’s been about 2 years now.


Q. You created a beautiful hashtag #WorldMapSeries, what have you learnt through it?

My hashtag is around two months old, and I’ve learnt that with just a little creativity you can turn even the simplest of objects into the most beautiful of subjects. And I’ve seen so many people doing wonders with just a map, it’s absolutely overwhelming. Also, to see that I share this weird obsession over world maps with a lot of people, that is something!

IMG_20150329_144639 (1)

Q. What worked as your inspiration and what drives you to work everyday?

I have a lot of inspirations. Every person I meet is an inspiration one way or another and I always end up learning something new. As for what drives me to work, that has surely got to be the critique I receive, which helps me improve and be better with every picture I take.

Q. Do you plan to take up your passion as your career to? If yes, what is ‘The dream’?

I haven’t exactly thought about taking photography up as a career as of yet, but I do know that I’m not gonna ever leave it. Let’s see where this road leads to.


Q. What do you think you excel at creating and what are you most comfortable doing?

It depends on my mood, really. Even though I don’t consider myself good at portraits, though sometimes I end up taking amazing ones. It’s all about the setting, the mood, and most importantly, the ideas. I usually compose an image in my head and then work on it with my camera, so if the image in my head is perfect, it ends up as a photograph.

Look out for @bismarizwan on Instagram for some absolutely inspiring and soulful images. Also, keep appreciating art and never underestimate its capabilities.

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