Of Contemporary Adornment And Barbie Dolls – A Journey To The Art Of Annelies Hofmeyr

Annelies Hofmeyr, takes the butts of discarded cigarettes and strings them together.

She uses a little touch of her own imagination- and its oddly beautiful.

What we are left with is what she calls temporary contemporary adornment, just one of her numerous, amazing projects.

The art community is left a little happier, and the world is left a little more exciting.

Annelies goes by the artist name of WIT MYT online- which is an interesting combination of an Africaan and dutch word as well as an amusing pronnunication

The word is an Africaan equivalent of a derogatpry term used for a domestic worker.

Annelies takes this name and adds multiple dimensions to it.

Her projects are those of thoughts, and sensibilities.

With her recent child, the trophy wife, annelies has gone further to explore the questions of female sexuality by using representations of the Barbie Doll and how these go forward to impact a person’s adulthood.

On the other side of her profile are a host of other works.

A condom necklace- talking about the low life expectancy in African nations- mostly due to HIV/AIDS.

Also strong is her statement against necklacing,, an act of extreme violence native to the struggle against Apartheid.

Annelies has a degree in a contemporary jewellery course, which she uses in her attempts at making contemporary adornment from things that she finds strewn around for free on her travels.










To know more about her art, follow here here.

All images courtesy of WIT MYT



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