Coworking vs Coexisting – How to Do More Than Just Coexist in a Coworking Space


As New Zealanders discover the advantages of coworking, more and more businesses are taking advantage of this craze offering more than just space to work. Auckland, especially, is seeing an uptick in the number of coworking spaces available to rent. However, as in other parts of the world, coworking has grown to be more than just a place to work.

In fact, the culture of the coworking space has evolved to include communities that really promote and encourage industry and innovation. Because of the way the coworking space is organised, working becomes more than just work. The modern-day coworking space is one that allows businesses to multitask all in the efforts of promoting business.

Let’s take a look at how you can maximise your coworking space to ensure you are as productive as possible.

Communicate With Your Colleagues

In your typical coworking space, you can find professionals from various industries. The first step in getting your space to work for you is by introducing yourself to the people around your work area. Furthermore, with hot desks being the social hub of activity, professionals will find it difficult to not engage with their immediate community.

Strike up a conversation about any given subject, and you might find others are as eager and interested in sharing their perspectives. More purposefully, industry talk encourages the kinds of activities that help raise your business’s profile. Ultimately, anyone, even the shyest person, can connect through the small talk that occurs while working.

Build Relationships That Work

While making friends at work can be foundational in establishing relationships, the real work of establishing your business begins with networking, both formal and informal. Moreover, many of the better coworking spaces offer their renters the chance to get to know each other and people within the greater business community by creating networking events. By attending these events, businesses can meet mentors, give and get referrals, and more significantly, create partnerships.

These collaborations are the end-all types of activities that raise your business’s profile and attract business. The collaboration, by the way, is probably one of the best ways to establish your business in the greater business community. Through collaboration, businesses have the opportunity to learn from other industry professionals, as well.

Establish Boundaries

Because these workspaces are very social, professionals can find themselves in a quandary between making friends and having little time for work. In fact, when you find that you can get more done at home than in your coworking space, it is indeed time for an intervention. To avoid spending an excessive amount of time socialising, establish clear boundaries with your coworking mates and set time limits.

Join Your coworking Community

Make a concerted effort to get involved with your coworking community. You can participate by volunteering to lend a hand with community events and activities. Also, you can also volunteer to host events that show your expertise and maybe place a spotlight on the industry. Either way, the coworking space is more than just space to work, but a workspace that has a definitive culture. Find your place in it by participating in the community.

Branch Out

Finally, use the coworking space’s versatility and flexibility to test markets in other areas. Because the leases tend to be less protracted and much cheaper, use this as an opportunity to research the market and slowly build a clientele in other spaces. You can decide to work in a different location for as little as one day week to see whether the market is interested in your product or service.

Do More Than Co-Exist

Granted, you are paying the rent on the space, so can essentially do what you want, including using the space primarily for work. However, the coworking space offers businesses a multi-functional place where you can work, network and expand. To build business and establish your reputation, work your mojo in the coworking space.

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