Crayon Crusade Day 9

Presenting Day 2 of our three day session at Maitri, R.K. Puram!

We asked the kids if they could draw a house, everyone said yes!

Now the thing is, kids usually draw a single story house like this one:


So we gave them a challenge: Draw a house that has not one, but three floors!

That was step 1.

Step 2: Draw your favorite animal on the roof.

When kids had finished doing this much, we asked them two questions:

1) How did the animal get to the roof?

2) Why did it go there?

And they had to justify their answers through their drawings.

You’ll be quite surprised with some of their answers, take a look :


Shweta tells us that her dog took the lift to the top to get its bone that was resting on pot of flowers!


Deeksha gave her dog a helicopter hat! What a lovely imagination 😀


Akash’s cat took the lift to drink water!


And Vaidehi gave her rabbit wings to help it grab that carrot from the top!


Sanish surprised us by making a flying bird and hence avoiding answering the first question


Muskan’s Papa Kangaroo went in to rescue his baby from the roof. And when we asked her how did Papa Kangaroo get there, she replied, “Of course, it jumped from another building!” and quickly drew one on the edge!


At the end of the day, we compiled a list with the kids. Do you have any other way of getting your favorite animal to the top? Let us know in the comments!

This is a fantastic activity to try out with your kids on a weekend, and don’t forget to share their drawings with us!

Take care and keep drawing!

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