Creat-A-Thon #1: Walk on It!

The chirpy souls at The Yellow Sparrow wish to take down the wall that divides the world into ‘creatives’ and ‘non-creatives’. With this thought in mind, we’ve initiated ‘Creat-A-Thon’ – a community of people who can imagine any empty space to be full of colour and character in the dullest of environments.

On 15th February 2015, Creat-A-Thon kicked off to a great start with its first event, ‘Walk on It!’ at the Hauz Khas Fort. Here’s a little description of what we had to offer to our audience-

‘Imagine blobs of yellow paint melting under the touch of your feet. Now think of some peppy number and a bunch of people around you. Some of them are walking on blue. Some are tapping their feet to orange. Some are jumping on pink with too much excitement. Coloured feet and happy souls all around. Doesn’t sound much like an ordinary Sunday morning. But definitely sounds like the one to remember! So what are you waiting for? Hop on!’

When the much awaited day finally arrived, while some of you were stuck to your TV screens watching the Indo-Pak match that Sunday morning, here’s what our sparrows were up to.
Walk On It.
Walk on It.
Walk on It.
Walk on It.
Walk on It.
Walk on It.
With their little claws and feathers painted in shades of yellow, green, pink and blue, the sparrows flew back to their nests; all set to return for Creat-A-Thon #2, to be held in March 2015. Stay updated with our Facebook Page and make sure you register for our next event.

Also, this was just the teaser. Have a little peek through our Creat-A-Thon #1 Album. Let your eyes savour the experience!

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