Get Inspired: 15 Creative Blogs For Designers You Shouldn’t Miss

Let’s face it, creative blocks are real. Inspiration is needed, sometimes even to facilitate a creative designer’s originality. We bring to you a carefully assorted list of the best creative blogs for designers! Hop down for more.

1. Creative Roots

You’ll find creativity springing from the traditions of the middle east, but you’ll also find the cosmopolitan of the American continent. Yes, Creative Roots brings forth art illustrations and design blogs from all corners of the world, and it does it well.

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Find Rodney Boot, the founder, here.



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Image Courtesy of Creative roots

2. The Selby

The Selby is a unique project and the brainchild of Todd Selby, a photographer and illustrator.

Apart from the usual featured artworks, The Selby goes one notch higher and brings to the table artists in their workspaces. An artist’s personal space is documented for everyone to borrow inspiration from.

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Image Courtesy of The Selby

3. Savage Chickens

We don’t remember seeing something as quirky as this before. Little sketches of chickens with the craziest of sentences. Savage Chickens indeed.

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Find Doug Savage, the illustrator, here.




Images Courtesy of savage chicken

4. I Like Architecture

Working with buildings? Working on structures?

I Like Architecture is a wonderful collection of the best of among all contemporary designs and concepts from a varied number of places.

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Images Courtesy of i like architecture

4. Creative Live

If you are looking for instructions and well-prepared tutorials, this is the place to be. With curated classes by the world’s top design experts, the blog is sure to captivate your creative senses.

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Image Courtesy of Ruddock Visuals
creative-liveImages Courtesy of Creative live

5. Good Design Makes Me Happy

This is one personal blog you should not miss. With some of the best and upbeat artworks from the photographic as well as illustration community curated by Hannah Dollery, this is sure to take your breath away.

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Find Hannah Dollery here.



 Images Courtesy of GDMMH

6. Identity Designed

Identity Designed features visuals from designers all over the world. Even more, it lets you share your own project. And with a 100,000 monthly views, the offer sure is tempting.

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Find David Airey, the founder, here.



 Image Courtesy of Identity Designed

7. The Fox Is Black

The Fox Is Black was originally started as a place that could house the most brilliant of ideas. This was Kitsune Noir, and the year 2007. Today the blog features the best of contemporary culture.

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 Image Courtesy of TFIB

8. Illustrator’s Lounge

Comics, graphic novels, paintings. You name it, and you’ll find your inspiration ready. A carefully curated destination, Illustrator’s Lounge shall readily inspire you in the best of ways.

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 Image Courtesy of Illustrator’s Lounge

9. Inspiration Hut

You get to choose from over 20 categories and once you do, it’s an entire world of all things beautiful that stares right back. From beautiful fonts to off-stream art, Inspiration Hut offers you all.

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 Image Courtesy of Inspiration Hut

10. From Up North

Daniel Nelson brought this baby to life in 2009. Since then, the blog has been a top favourite. With graphic designs, photography and illustrations, the place has a lot going on.

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Image Courtesy of From Up North

11. Tiny Showcase

It has a beautiful name, it has a beautiful purpose. Tiny Showcase offers the most phenomenal of artworks at the best of prices, and gives away a part of everything it earns to a charity chosen by the artist himself. Follow them here. Find the founders, Jon Buonaccorsi and Shea’la Finch, here.



Image Courtesy of Tiny Showcase

12. On Animation

This is the era of visuals and graphics, and if there is one thing we never fail to be grateful for – animation. For all you wonderful animators out there, we’ve got some inspiration. So whether your next masterpiece is built on the lines of Alexander McQueen or the phenomenal mouse, this blog will always have your back.

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Image Courtesy of On Animation

13. Many Stuff

Charlotte Cheetham believes in the unconventional. Be prepared to witness experimentation like never before. If you are looking for the same, go pay her a visit.

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Image Courtesy of Many Stuff

14. Wandering Bears

Wandering bears harbours the best collaborations in the current art scenario. As an addition, it also organises regular workshops and seminars around the same.

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Find the minds behind this wonder here and here.




Image Courtesy of The Wandering Bear.

Which ones are your favourites?

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