Check Out The Most Creative Hair Colour Trends Of The Year 2016

Only as we march towards the end of 2016 do we realize how ingenious this year has been, with respect to everything. And hair colors especially. True or true? When it comes to hair colors, it’s always a dilemma, isn’t it? With the end of another era, let’s also mark the end of the regular hair dyes and let the us take you through the most trending hair colour trends of the year 2016.

1. Nebulous Blues and Purples

Yes, it’s everywhere, from bottom(s) to top and on the internet of course. How amazing is this galactic amalgamation of hues of purple and blue? Sport the Nebula in this eccentric manner and look how the stars shine for you (brb, mentally dating Chris Martin).


2. Iridescence

It is always about rainbows and butterflies and a little bit of compromise when it comes to your hair. You literally play with colors here simply because you can never possibly go wrong with the rainbow dye(s). No refraction, reflection or dispersion here, all you need is some good will, boldness and some hair!


 3. No Grey No Gain

Never goes out of fashion, should I call it evergrey? Ombre with a twist and tincture of grey, just slays it, this season. Forget your regular gold and blonde ombre as this is the new IT thing around. Subtle, fresh yet Goth, isn’t it?


4. A Scoop Of Mint with Mint?

Not the ice-cream, kids, we’re talking about the hair color. It’s even better than the ice cream, take our word for this. The color of calm, serenity, tranquil, mild on one hand and quirky on the other? It’s a do or do decision. This Sparrow never lies.


5. Ocean Motion

Mermaid hues, much?  If this does not give you the Disney princess feels, I don’t know what will. If I had hair like that, I could work with a face like Voldemort’s. Not really, but as long as you get the point or the hair color, you know?



6. Fruit For Thought

Dyed in the hues of salmon and green, that’s how this watermelon hair color works. We’re quite familiar with the (hair) colors pink and green. But what happens when you combine the two of them? Fascinating is an understatement, guys.


7. Vesperdite

‘Dusk’ is what it means. Let’s take a minute to bask in the beauty and then you can go paint your hair in colors of the wild. Let the sparrow introduce you to the sunset hair and we can’t even get over how stunning this is. You’ve gotta get this kinda of her, Beach Please?


8. Pastel Waves

Or should I call it candy floss? Or the unicorn shades? Or should I just call it The Color Of The Year? Pantone hair color is what we’re talking about. This Pantone trend is taking the internet by storm. We now know why. Breathtaking, isn’t it?


With us taking you through the quirkiest and the most trending hair colors around and of our time, giving second thoughts to your decision of getting those golden or red (read: social suicide) streaks, are you?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            All Images Courtesy Of Pinterest

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