Explore Eccentricity With These 7 Creative Learning Spaces From Around The World


Are you nursing the idea of grabbing a book and lapping up all the information available, but your dull surroundings offer no consolation? Are you tired of the conventional learning spaces you’ve been confined to all your life? We have the perfect remedy for you!

Innovative architecture and unique designs are gaining momentum in today’s time and are transforming drab interiors into refreshing and quirky spaces. In this infiltration of ‘the idiosyncratic and the unorthodox’, learning spaces have not been left behind, be it for children, the occasional reader or certified geeks.

TYS lists some eccentric and creative learning spaces that are sure to give you the much-needed motivation to give a fun twist to your own learning rooms and studies!

1. Tsukushi Nursery School

Hiroshima, Japan

Completed in 2012 and ideated by architect Hiroshi Ueda, this nursery school is almost like a forest in itself where the children can explore the semi-outdoor space. This pretty and avant-garde daycare center is shaped like a peanut. Highly attractive to the children, it is created by overlapping two circles to create a fluid space connected to the environment. It directly exposes the young learners to elements of nature and the different seasons through its timber structure.

unique learning spaces

Image source: Spoon-tamago

japanese learning spaces

Image source: Beautifullearningspaces

2. Roll-it

Karlsruhe, Germany

Known as “a modular hamster wheel for humans“, the Roll-it is a space designed for voracious readers who spend their entire day with a book in hand. Created by German design students at the University of Karlsruhe, this out-of-the-box idea is a modular eco-living experiment.

The cylindrical Roll-it features three separate living “zones” complete with bed, lounge chair, table, built-in storage, kitchen sink, shower, and um, toilet. Getting sleepy with all the reading? Walk in the centre of the unit, much like a hamster wheel, to rotate the structure and voila … you’re in the bedroom! Is your tummy growling for some French fries? Just keep on walking/spinning and you’ll land up in the kitchen.

unique learning spaces

Image source: Archdaily

3. Tellus Nursery School

Stockholm, Sweden

Tellus Nursery School by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter in Telefonplan, Stockholm has taken inspiration from the Reggio Emilia School and showcases a new way to organise interior. The organic layout of the structure encourages movement as space becomes continuous and creates both exterior and interior rooms of challenging shapes where children can interact with each other and engage in different activities, playing and learning projects.


Image source: Archdaily

This bizarre creation has windows placed freely at different heights that allows light and views to be adapted to the number of children present. As unconventional as they come, the school’s main space is complemented with separate atelier spaces for art, and has secluded group rooms tucked away for rest and quiet activities.

Quirly learning spaces

Image source: Pinterest

4. Seven Shipping Containers Make Up This Colorful Library

Batu, Indonesia

Welcome to the worldly library that has been places! The seven shipping containers that have been converted into this flirtatiously lovely learning space have travelled the globe before settling down in Batu, Indonesia as the Amin Library. Just a look at this space will bring out the child in you and unleash your creativity. Built on stilts to overlook the surrounding greens, it houses a cornucopia of around 6000 books.

A fun fact about this structure- it serves both as a library and a clinic for the town. Each bold and eye popping coloured container has a different program. For example, the blue one has entertainment books, the red is for science and technology texts, the green is the main lobby, and the yellow is the women’s reading room. The shipping containers which are the prime idea behind this structure are also an economical investment as far as building materials go. Amin undoubtedly receives an A+ from us!

unique library

Image source: Beautifullearningspaces

5. Spring by Joey Ho Design

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Spring was conceptualized with the philosophy of dual perspective in mind. It seeks to enrich the learning process of the young minds.

In the words of the architect, “…it (Spring) is a newly established learning center for children with the aim to help them achieve their development and learning potential during the crucial growth years.”

This unique architectural construction seeks to bring together the perspectives of a child and an adult which is dexterously manifested in the space, furniture and details of the building. A neutral palette of white, light green, pastel blue and wood dominate the space, giving it an airy feeling that evokes pleasant childhood memories. The tree houses and swings in the café are inspired by the outside greenery, and a hilly relief feature creates cozy cocoons for reading or internet surfing.

beautiful learning spaces

Image source: Archdaily

unconventional architecture

Image source: Archdaily

6. LIMS – La Trobe University Institute for Molecular Science Building

Melbourne, Australia

Overflowing with vast amounts of natural light that filters in from the over-sized custom windows, and with a riot of vibrant colours in the work space, the University is a paradise for researchers who have to slog hours in the lab. Apart from the bright hues that liven it up, this six-level state of the art teaching and research building has eccentric and stand out architectural characteristics.

Australian University

Image source: Beautifullearningspaces

The building, created by Lyons, has an undulating honeycomb-like façade on the front, where colourful angular components frame the custom-made windows. Lyons has outfitted these components with wood in the centre that shoot out from the building to create an attention-grabbing effect. The University is a host to massive structural columns in vivid and playful colours angled to imitate huge X’s, reminiscent of a jungle gym.

learning spaces

Image source: Beautifullearningspaces

7. Swooping Bamboo Structure

Koh Kood, Thailand

High on innovation, this impressive structure is a child’s paradise. Built as a part of the Six Seasons Soneva Kiri eco-resort in the remote island of Koh Kood, Thailand, this construction is the brainchild of the Dutch firm, 24-architecture. The building is designed as a children’s activity learning center, but the fabulous eye-catching space is sure to woo the most stoic grown-ups as well.

eccentric interiors

Image source: Beautifullearningspaces

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your geek on!

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