4 Creative Restaurants Around The World That Serve Experiences, Not Just Food


Eat to live, do not live to eat.


You have obviously heard that saying before, haven’t you? The saying however, is not quite as wise as it sounds. Who in this world does not love to eat! What is the point of living if you simply deny to gobble up the deluge of delicacies out there, waiting to be relished! More importantly, there are these few creative restaurants who try their best to meliorate your feasting experiences. Here are 4 of them, who have taken creativity to a whole new level just for the sake of your thrills.

1. De Kas – Amsterdam, Netherlands

What is the definition of perfection? Perfection is that dish which is prepared from the ingredients harvested during the morning itself. De Kas has its own huge farmyard of vegetables, herbs and fruits which are harvested in the morning, and their cuisine for the day depends on this output itself. The De Kas was originally a greenhouse which was due to be demolished, but was saved by an innovative Gert Jan Hageman who converted this tall polished glass building to a vegetable nursery and a first class restaurant. Chef Gert plows, weeds, and takes care of his beloved nursery himself. Their ambience, their initiative and their exorbitantly delicious dishes make the De Kas rank high in magnificence.



2. Chillout Ice Lounge – Dubai

Want to hear something cool? The Chillout Ice Lounge in Dubai is literally too cool to be true, and yet it is. Every single thing in Chillout, from the mocktails they serve to the benches to sit on is colder than ice. As a matter of fact the temperature inside the lounge itself is subzero. The customers are given humongous thermal clothing before they enter the restaurant and made to sit in a buffer zone of 5 degrees Celsius, for a while to let their bodies accustom to the cold temperature. The chills of the chilling experience are sufficient to invoke the thrills in customers. The architecture of the lounge contains furniture and accessories made of an interesting fusion of ice, steel and glass. The most perplexing fact about Chillout is that they serve hot soups and beverages too, with a considerably slow rate of drop of temperature.

chill out dubai

chill out dubai

Images courtesy of Cobone, Chamber of Secrets

3. El Diablo – Lanzarote, Spain

Smoked rice tastes awesome, doesn’t it? Now imagine that delicious smoked seasoning being thrice more intense. The El Diablo is an extraordinarily bold and dicey initiative, considering the fact that it is built around a dormant volcano. Albeit it seems dangerous, the El Diablo is quite safe according to expert archeological scientists since they believe that volcano is not really expected to erupt any soon. Furthermore, the restaurant’s location helps cutting down the cost of cooking food by a whole lot, since all of the food is cooked by the heat derived from the volcano itself. Summing to it, the heat bursts from the volcano, onto the food, give it the precise peculiar feel of smoked seasoning. This magnificent and creative restaurant’s courage to exist so close to lava, attracts the attention of a lot of tourists who flock here often to check the place out for thrilling experiences.



el diablo creative restaurants

Image courtesy of Lanzarote3

4. Black Pearl – Bengaluru, India

The Black Pearl, is a restaurant designed to give customers a unique experience while they feast, the experience of being the captain of a pirate ship. The chairs are contrived to look like a human ribcage and the rest of the ambience of the restaurant strongly depicts a ship. There are a lot of skeleton mannequins and ship models in the restaurant which magnify the conspicuousness of the restaurant’s theme. Customers are subjected to sudden oozes of breezes to give them the feel of wind blowing on a sailing ship. The Black Pearl is India’s largest pirate themed restaurant. Their cuisine includes North Indian,  European and Caribbean food. They also serve a plethora of beverages. Enjoy your voyage without actually going on one, exclusively in the Black Pearl! Bon appetit/voyage!



Relish your hunger, and keep them memories with you. Love food and appreciate those who serve it to you in peerless ways. Do live to eat, and stay happy all the time!

Photos courtesy of Cloudfront, Amsterdam Now, Q8 Concierge, Freekitbmh, Black Pearl

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