8 Creative YouTubers Whose Channels You Must Subscribe To RN

There probably are very few teenagers who are satisfied with the pocket money they get or adults who find it okay to flush out money for repairs, tutorials or beauty treatments! No matter what we might think or feel, we usually end up paying for such things for we do not have enough knowledge for most of the things we spend money on.

But, is there a way out?

Yes. Yes there is.

An easily accessible and light-on-the-pockets method that can make you capable of dealing with your issues yourself –  the ingenious DIY.

The best part about DIYs? Everything. When you make items yourself, you can choose projects that suit your tastes, create them in your choice of colours/textures, and then use them to your heart’s content. Be it efficiency, decoration, fun, or self-sufficiency, there are amazing DIY vloggers who can help you with you that!  Have a look at these fabulous YouTubers with their focus on DIY that’ll help you feel much more self dependent:

1. Chelsea Costa

Chelsea Costa is one of the very famous vloggers on Youtube with her blog Lovely Indeed running since 2010. It is a creative lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY and how anyone can make their home so beautifully creative! The blogger is known for making bright and friendly little things that can enhance the beauty of anyone’s home.


Picture Courtesy: blog.brika.com

2. Scotty Kilmer

Scotty’s vlog- The Scotty Kilmer channel has really been one of the most appreciated and money-saving blog for more than 120 million people! Through his blog, he helps people out with their car care problems, making the seemingly complexity of cars really easy to understand. His mechanical language is a pocket-saver-hit for the car owners across the globe!


Picture Courtesy: Auto Evolution  

3. Pawan Jalan

An experienced  musician of India, Pawan Jalan (Pjalan) runs a DIY on guitar tutorials- from basic lessons to popular Bollywood songs , he’s one of the best tutors for enthusiastic aspiring guitarists. With his experience of 20 years in this field, this YouTuber knows exactly how to teach guitar so as to make it a DIY!


Picture Courtesy: www.youtube.com

4. Nisha Madhulika

Imagine being in a different city or country and not getting the food of your preferred taste! Even worse, imagine being in your own country and still not knowing how to cook food that rests the needs of your taste buds! Nisha Madhulika helps you to get away with such situations! She is a commendable chef and YouTuber who runs the channel NishaMadhulika on how to cook almost all sorts of dishes.


Picture Courtesy: Magnamags 

5. Brittany Bailey

Brittany Bailey’s Pretty Handy Girl is an amazing DIY vlog that runs with an intention of breaking the stereotype that women aren’t handy. This vlog is for anyone who wishes they were handy and could make their own repairs. Here one can find detailed tutorials on all sorts of home repair and several home decors too!


Picture Courtesy: Chester County 

6. Shreya Jain

How can a list of DIY channels be completed without a makeup vlog! Shreya Jain helps us complete it! A makeup enthusiast catering to almost all styles of makeup has been a savior of many ladies out there. Check her vlog sjlovesjewelry out to learn the best and also minimal techniques of being beautiful!


Picture Courtesy: www.youtube.com

7. Jeff Patterson

Wouldn’t it be cool to learn how your house works and fix it when anything-literally ‘anything’ breaks? This YouTuber vlogging at HomeRepairTutor talks about DIY tips, ideas, support and new tools that can make a follower of his vlog a really smart Do-It-Yourselfer. Follow his home-repair tutorial to learn skills that you can use over and over.


Picture Courtesy: twitter.com

8. Raghav Pande

Raghav Pande is a Delhi-based fitness consultant who is compassionate about health and fitness of people (and also their pocket money) . His channel Xcell Fitness takes the fitness of people on a different level altogether by giving helpful tutorials that can solve health and body related problems of just anyone!


Picture Courtesy: Xcell Fitness 

So, these top 8 YouTubers must have proved that there are channels for literally everything! All that it take to be a self sufficient person is knowledge of the coolest DIYs that Youtube has to offer!


Feature image courtesy: www.sis.sch.id


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