Spice Up Your Stationery With Type7’s Delightfully Quirky Collection

It is no secret that us sparrows at TYS are lovers of stationery—we’ve expressed our fondness for it multiple times and this week is no exception. Say hello to Type7—a quirky, fun and delightful brand which elevates stationery items to the level of statement pieces, and is the latest to catch our fancy.

The moment we saw Type7’s gorgeous notebook (featured below) on their Instagram feed, we knew we had to get our hands on their offerings; so we did just that. Of all the products that we tried out, the notebook has to be our favourite. It has a very fun, happiness-inducing print on the cover along with the words ‘Good vibes only’. The whole notebook, including the paper inside, screams quality. Sworn notebook fanatics that we are, we couldn’t be happier.


Type7 stationery


The story behind the inception of Type7 is as intriguing as their quirky products. Vishakha and Jatin, the two founders share not just a passion for design but also the same birthdate (hence the number 7). The brand was born out of their desire to “create beautiful things by combining typography, illustration and colour,” as they describe it.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stay on top of your work, we can’t think of a better product for you than Type7’s weekly planner. It’s not just easy on the eyes (we love their colour schemes), it’s also very well-thought out. There’s a column for ‘Top 5 Goals’ on every page which is a nice personal touch to an otherwise efficiently professional planner. The layout of the planner allows you enough room to fit everything related to your busy schedule in one page.


Type7 stationery


Good design is not just about visual appearances but also functionality, and Type7’s products deliver in both departments with finesse. Their design philosophy is simple. The founders have summed it up perfectly:

Our designs are a visual representation of what inspires us and each design has a story to tell, making it unique and identifiable.

Since paper is Type7’s chosen medium, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they do art frames as well. Beautiful typography prints placed in frames that can be both hung up on a wall or placed on a surface—they’re great additions to your workspace or home if you’re a lover of minimalist design.


Type7 stationery


They’re not limited to just notebooks and art frames—you can also find meal planners, gift wrapping paper, gift tags and pocketbooks in their collection. For us lazy, last-minute gift givers, there are also customised combos—the Adventure Collection is our personal favourite.

To inject some quirkiness into your stationery, visit Type7’s website and get yourself some of their delightful products (go on, we know you want to). Their notebooks start at Rs. 230, the planners at Rs. 350 and the art frames can be yours for Rs. 550. Type7’s products are creative, functional and won’t break the bank–the three things that make them absolutely chirp-worthy!

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