Illustrated Poetry: 5 Inspiring Poets You Need To Follow

Illustrated Poetry collage

When the art of writing layers on top of the art of illustrating, the stories narrated by each mingle with the other and forms an entirely beautiful piece. A literature form depicted with or on the illustrations and artworks is what we call illustrated literature. Illustrated verses were quite customary around the period of Georgians. The art form faded away as the hues of Modernism seeped into the frame. Illustrated poetry is a powerful form of art which could be strongly used to pour out the rawest form of ideas in the most beautiful way. So, for you to be able to discover it, TYS brings to you a list of poets with whom you can start your journey into illustrated poetry.

1. Khaled Juna

Khaled Juna, moved by the brutal attacks by Israel to invade Gaza, wrote a heart-breaking verse with pictures of the ruthless reality that could disturb a healthy mind that is reading this article right now.

Oh rascal children of Gaza,…come back, Just come back.

View the full series here.

Khaled Juna


 Images courtesy of Khaled Juna

2. Tine Paludan

‘Sometimes I’m a Bird, Sometimes I’m a Rock’ is a collection of illustrated poetry which is a beautiful outcome of hundred days and the life and moments that encased those days. It’s all about what you might have already felt or are feeling right now or maybe would in the very next moment maybe. Tine Paludan wrote a little something for one hundred days and those words talk of all the little heartbreaks and love and even any lovely thing which happened that day.




 Images courtesy of Tine Paludan

3. Marichit Gracia

Really beautiful words followed by exceptionally beautiful illustrations – there is more to Marichit Gracia. Visit her website for her unique ‘Making Space’ project. She paints, writes and does both with illustrated poetry as well, has a blog and the ‘Making Space’ project which promotes barter and second hand purchase.



 Images courtesy of Marichit Gracia

4. Hannah Sinclair Emadian

Ever wondered what becomes of the feelings and the most inspiring moments of your life when intertwined with pictures and apt words? Hannah‘s poetry collection reflects the thoughts inside her head so well. The illustration watermarks the feelings slipped into words in a way that the paper seems altogether linked with each of the different components present on it.



 Images courtesy of Hannah Emadian

5. Pragya Mishra

She named this collection as Verses “that make me think and draw”. The phrases and illustrations mix the quotidian and conscious state of mind. Pragya’s drawings can inspire you into actually start pursuing your love for drawing or doodling. The images are relatable in the sense that they depict the normal life scenes and this mix of the normal with the somehow a conscious, thinking mind is quite nice. Check out three collections of her work on her Behance page.




Images courtesy of Pragya Mishra

Which of these poets tickled your fancy the most?

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