5 Eclectic Music Festivals You Cannot Miss This March

Music is the heart and soul of any and every moment. The beats, lyrics, rhythm- all is in perfect sync. It can be the maker of our moments, the perfect representation of our feelings and thoughts. All in all, music is irreplaceable.

Agreed, listening to music alone, gives a sense of calm and peace. But you definitely cannot compare it to the adrenaline rush of listening to music and dancing carefree to it in a crowd! The excitement precedes every other thought! So if you are a music lover and looking for the time of your life, we present to you some music festivals this March, that you just cannot afford to miss!


KR&B Fest

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An annual music festival held at Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh, the Kasauli Rhythm and Blues festival brings together music and humanity because it supports a cause. All the proceedings go towards the betterment of critically ill underprivileged and orphaned children. Besides the social goodness part, it brings to the world an amazing experience filled with various artists, big or small, with music spread over genres like psychedelic rock, indie pop, blues, folk lore, R&B, and so on!


KR&B Fest

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This year, it is being held from March 25-27. The most exciting part? The amazing lineup of artists which include the bands Frisky Pints and The Local Train, Tabla Maestro Ustaad Fazal Qureshi, Leslie Lewis, and so on. With its amazing array of music and artists, as well as the social cause attached, this music festival in the depths of the breathtaking valleys of Kasauli is one not to be missed!  To book donor cards for entry and rooms in advance, contact dolly.malvai@genesis-foundation.net.



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Now Rang is one-of-a-kind music festival. It boasts of hosting not only Indian, but top international artists as well. As the name itself suggests, Rang is a colorful mosaic of various artists. It happens to be India’s biggest Electronic Music and Arts Festival on Holi.



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Along with that, it has even more endearing fun stuff like rain dancing, drinking games and amazing visuals, that make it different from other music festivals. This year, Rang took place on March 24 at 32nd Milestone, Gurgaon. With the likes of BECKERS, Hypnoise, ShivaMoon and StarLab performing, it was an event to remember.

Visit their Facebook page for more details.


PP Fest

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Now here’s a music festival, the idea of which itself gives us goosebumps of anticipation! Parvati Peaking Festival, held every year in Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh is all about the experience! It is the only music festival to exclusively play Indian Psytrance music (an experience, we say!). Not just that, it also means that to experience this festival, you have to leave behind the comfortable 5-star hotel stay, and camp in the forests.


PP Fest

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And as if that was not exciting enough, the venue can only be reached through an even more adventurous road journey! Although this year’s festival dates have not been confirmed yet, but with history of performers like DJ Set Hilight Tribe from France, Greg Hilight, Mad Maxx, Hydropanic, Labrats, Dirty Saffi and Psycobaba, it is a perfect package of music, fun and adventure, we’d say!


Delhi 2 Dublin

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Luminous, to be held on March 31, 2016, is a first of it’s kind music event. Delhi 2 Dublin, a hybrid live/electronic act of five musicians, who have already performed at various music festivals in USA, Australia, Indonesia (Bali Spirit Festival) are the main performers at this event. What makes it special is the fact that music here, is not limited within boundaries. A perfect mash up of heavy electronic backbone with Indian Classical instruments like dholak and tabla, this event promises to be like no other!

To know more about the event and tickets, visit their Facebook page.

Enjoying music at home and enjoying it while being a part of the crowd are two different things. While the former is relaxing, the latter promises the experience of a lifetime.

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