Office Office Is Here To Rid You Of Your Work Blues


Party like you never have in the lush interior of Office Office!

While the name may look a bit sceptical to you at first, this splendid gastronomical pub will shatter all your misconceptions. Located in the heart of Janpath, which boasts a flourishing Culinary Industry, Office Office lends it an ingenious twist.

This newly opened co- working space by the day and pub by the night does justice to its name through its clever use of space and playfully unique interior.

Don’t believe us? Then have a look yourself!

gastro pub

Image source: Office Office

Bathed in golden luminescence, the interiors of Office Office accommodate vintage- style telephones that at once grab the people’s attention. The entire space is a medley of eye-catching colours that further complement the avant-garde accessories.


Image source: Dineout

Despite being a recurrent theme in everybody’s life, the pub has managed to create a visionary outlook that has attracted a lot of attention. Catchy taglines, old- style scooters and long, winding entry passageways definitely give a feeling of being in an office.

pubs in janpath

Image source: Dineout

Transforming into a party hub at night, Office Office adds a fun and lively vibe to its interiors by incorporating neon hashtags keeping in line with the latest trends and channelling the ‘It’ quotient.


Image source: Pictaram

Office Office is a hub of classy yet whimsical interiors and décor accessories. With black-and-white checkered floors and wooden fittings, one cannot escape the old-school office vibe that this space provides. We are also crazily inspired by the wall lined up with eye-popping drawers in every possible hue!


Image source: Pictaram

So what are you waiting for? Clasp those briefcases, and come revel in a new kind of office!

Feature image source: Lbb

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