[Interview] Pranita Kocharekar On Professionalism In Art, Inspiration & Graphic Design

So many are the artists in this world – some occupied with themselves, their works or their own field of expertise. Isn’t it rare to find such commendable artists who are not only produce immaculate works but also believe in playing while working?

With such a rush for achieving the top most place, so many people have today, forgotten about activities other than what they are professionally expected to do and so, their notions become narrowed in the horizons of imagination.



But Pranita Kocharekar – an illustrator, type designer and graphic designer is an inspiration not only in terms of the beautiful illustrations she brings out, but also in terms of her nature and the down-to-earth disposition. A vivacious person that she is, her words deliver ambitiousness, dedication and a lesson as to how one should pursue a field so that success is promised.

So, let’s read her words that illustrate her diligence and the lovely nature that she has!

Q. Tell us a little more about yourself! What is Pranita Kocharekar, the person, like?

I’ve been born in a family full of artists and designers, I have always had the creative freedom since I was little (I was allowed to draw on walls!). I studied Design & Advertising and majored in Typography. I later caught on to illustrating during my years of experimenting in the industry.

Q. What is the creative process that you follow for your work?

Whether it is a commissioned project or a self-initiated one, I make sure that the brief is as precise and concise as possible. Once I fully understand the brief, I think of atleast 5 possibilities in which the problem (the brief) can be solved – from a creative and art direction point of view. My favourite part is when I get to execute the ideas while listening to some good tunes.


Q. What projects you are working on right now? What should we expect in the near future?

Currently I’m working on some commissioned projects – branding, illustration and merchandising based. I have been working on a pet project since a few months now, in collaboration with a fellow designer. It should launch sometime in December!

Q. Has there ever been something beyond the artistic realm that has inspired your creations? Who or what do you draw your inspirations from?

Most of my inspirations rarely come from art or design. My inspirations have always been good music, literature and conversations with people.


Q. As an artist, what has been the most fulfilling experience till now?

My most fulfilling experience was to be able to communicate through art more than words. I recently realized that my visual language is much stronger than my verbal language.

Q. Which illustrators or designers would you love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with artists who share the same thoughts, vibe and discipline about design/illustration. I would love to collaborate with Timothy Goodman someday!


Q. Was an artist someone you’ve always wanted to become? Were you fascinated with images even in your childhood?

Yes! I loved drawing since I was a kid – I remember enjoying it ever since. Though I also had a phase where I was into math and numbers. I’m still keeping that enthusiasm alive by playing Sudoku, Mathdoku and other math games!

Q. Have you ever had a creative block? How do you deal with them?

Oh yes!

My creative blocks are mostly because of a monotonous schedule. My secret to getting rid of one is exercising daily!

Getting rid of physical lethargy often helps.


Q. Growing up, who were your favourite artists? What did you like most about their work?

Salvador Dali was my all-time favourite. I didn’t understand much of surrealism as a teenager but his pieces are very captivating. Just like a good piece of literature, each time I revisit a piece – I understand/learn something new. His paintings are an escape from reality.

Q. Looking back at your career, is there any project you think you would do differently if you could do it again?

All of them! And that isn’t a bad thing at all. I believe every creative brief has more than one solution. If I could pick the project and execute it in a different style – it would still be just as much fun.


Q. The art industry is growing; there is a market now that wasn’t before. And yet, the pace can hardly be hailed as satisfactory. You’ve been here for a while now- what are the things you’d want to change?

Discipline. If every other designer, studio and agency follow a discipline (when it comes to timelines, payments, work hours, etc.), it automatically changes a huge part of the industry including the clients’ attitude towards it.

Q. We love all your designs, but tell us about some of your favourite art illustrations! We want to view your art through your eyes!

My favourite pieces are not about how they look, but how much I enjoyed the process while working on them.

For example, this piece was done over a weekend when I had lots of free time. It was absolutely unplanned and very meditative.


I also like this piece a lot, because it isn’t like my usual style. It was also very unplanned, I was listening to one of my favourite bands (Opeth) and by the end of the album my sketchbook looked like this!


Q.  How important do you believe certification and professional degrees are for a designer?

I do believe that having a strong foundation is the core of being good at anything at all.

I know of people who have gone to design school but still haven’t built a strong foundation, and those who haven’t gone to design school but have self-taught themselves and are great at what they do.

As for certification, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you’ve studied from the best school if you portfolio doesn’t show it!

Q. What keeps you up at night?

Haruki Murakami or great conversations.

Q. What can we find you doing on a Sunday morning?

Eating a heavy breakfast, solving some extra sudokus.

Q. What’s your favourite weekend getaway?

My bed and on more active days, the sea.


Pranita’s words are not just relatable, but they also indicate how stress is not always a part of a successful career. Her works have set a bench mark for the upcoming artists while her words have also given a streak of inspiration for all! Surely, the beauty of her works reflect the beauty of her thoughts!

 Feature image courtesy: Mid Day 

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