Project FUEL: A Creative Initiative Where Life Experiences Become Lessons

The mediocre learn from their own mistakes, whilst the wise learn from others’.

People live their entire lives introspecting, questioning what went wrong and why are they stuck doing something they don’t really enjoy doing, for the rest of their lives. People just wonder to themselves, that if they were given just one second chance, they could have lived a life way more glorious. These are the people who have the most valuable lessons in life to provide. These are the people who when sat along with a coffee in hand, will enlighten you with the secrets to succeed.

Project FUEL, founded by Deepak Ramola in 2009, is a project where people all around the world are sounded out for their perspectives and perceptions of life. Initially, Deepak’s inquisitive approach involved asking people for what they would want the new generation to fathom. However, gradually the question revamped its focus on the life lessons of these interviewees as Deepak felt that there was a rather amazing lot to learn from these real life lessons. Deepak’s advent lies in documenting real experiences of people and converting them into performance activities for the speculators of tomorrow, so that they could learn from these experiences and practically apply them in their life. He solicits the construction of a young community who will be strong enough to adapt to the psycho-social and emotional constraints of the society. The name of the project is apace with its motive, ‘Forward the Understanding of Every Life lesson (FUEL)’.






FUEL follows a threefold methodized plan of action:

  • THE CANVAS – Students, according to Deepak, are blank pages and meant to be filled with eloquence. Via the means of different workshops, FUEL seeks to strengthen the students’ foundation for what is yet to come in life as well as to make sure they beseech meaningful art.
  • THE FRAME – It stands for the belief in moulding and shaping the unhinged knowledge of an individual, already under existence on the canvas of his/her life.
  • THE MASTERPIECE – As the canvas of a person is designed part by part, they learn a lot. This cumulative knowledge interactively imbibed from various real time experiences, gives rise to a unique masterpiece.

The Man Behind The Magic: Deepak Ramola

Filled with a dollop of exorbitant creativity, innovative ideas, uniqueness and unlimited determination, zealot Deepak Ramola is the virtuoso behind the idea of such an enthusiastic initiative. Deepak aims to invoke performance of people to their highest potential, and use life lessons to motivate and strengthen skills of people. Deepak has lectured and interacted with over a thousand and a half, differently abled children where some were visually or hearing impaired, or autistic and physically challenged. Deepak has learnt theatre in the ‘National School of Drama’. He’s also worked as an intern for prestigious media enterprises such as CNN-IBN, The Times of India and Garhwal Times. He has been a visiting faculty in a deluge of colleges all over India. His versatility and experience make him one of the best analytical professors of life lessons. Watch his speech denominated as ‘So What’s Your Life Lesson’ at the TEDx talks.



With the motto of sharing wisdom to each and every walk of life out there, under the artistic augmentation of Deepak Ramola, the project continues to kindle the art of living. Take a peek at how you could join them in their strife. Watch the story behind Project FUEL  on their official Youtube channel.


Photo Courtesy: Project FUEL

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