Reaching for the Clouds – How Cloud Technology is Changing the Way We Work

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Cloud technology is changing the way in which we do business, with the average company working more efficiently, securely, and even more productively than ever before. It’s clear to see that the only way to go is up, but what if you haven’t yet introduced cloud technology into your company? You’re missing out. Find out below what cloud technology could transform your workplace.

Internet-Based Phone Systems
Even the way in which you answer the phone is changing. If you thought technology would end with the invention of the cell phone, you were wrong. Now, more and more businesses are installing a VOIP phone system. Such an arrangement enables you to place and transmit phone calls over the internet or an IP network instead of a traditional public telephone network. The benefits are unparalleled. You can streamline all your systems onto one network, access your phone calls from anywhere in the world, and benefit from low-cost options to suit large or small businesses.

Cloud Storage
Remember when your business had to dedicate a significant portion of its floorplan to filing cabinets and file storage? Then, you replaced those filing cabinets with cumbersome servers, enabling you to store digital files and reap the rewards of going paperless. Now, cloud storage is the new kid on the block, and corporations throughout the world are beginning to see the benefits.

Cloud storage enables you to pay one monthly (or weekly) figure, with no need for in-house servers. You can then access all your files anywhere in the world, merely by logging into your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Cloud Emails
Many years ago, companies would buy a server to host a company email address, which would offer a range of tools such as address books and calendars. Alongside hardware to run the email addresses, you also had to purchase software licenses and optional extras such as spam and virus protection which could cost a fortune. Now, however, you can wave goodbye to all those complexities with cloud-based emails. You can pay one hosting fee and benefit from email functionality from all your devices everywhere you go. You can even get virus and spam protection as part of that monthly business fee.

Cloud Business Operating Software
Over half of companies surveyed allowed their workers to work remotely. Does that figure have you scratching your head? How, if your software is on your work computer, can you possibly do your job from home? Cloud business operating software is making it easier than ever before.

Instead of downloading all your necessary software, you can access it on the cloud, enabling you to work from anywhere. You could work from the comfort of your home, your child’s sports game, lease a virtual office, or even work on holiday if you needed to. It’s never been easier than now to get that coveted work-life balance.

Cloud Collaboration
For your business to succeed, your staff need to communicate. Cloud technology is making that more accessible than ever before. Even if you have a team in several offices all working on the same project, it can go off without a hitch. All you need to do is set up an area on the cloud where all your workers can access the same files. They can even communicate in real time. Doing so can save a whole lot of miscommunication and hassle.

Cloud technology is changing every aspect of our working lives. Has your business incorporated it yet? Get ready to reap the rewards of lower business overheads and a more productive workplace.

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