Transform Your Walls With These 5 Super Simple DIY Picture Frame Ideas

Lazing on a comfortable bed in a dimly lit room, reminiscing a series of events from the past with a sincere longing to execute a leap back in clock – photographs have always helped in rescuing a sinking heart and thought, whenever required. Apart from the emotions such dinky entities relay, it is their all-round exhibition that makes them speak a thousand words.

Also, that forms a reason for a photo frame to consolidate its tenacity around a paper print that introduces flowers in the head of the viewer. What can be better than making one on your own? Not only will it relax your pocket, but also, add to the essence of your picture. So, stop scouring the internet, because, here is a list of creative DIY picture frames to make your photographs look cool and alive.

1. Book Your Frame Now



DIY pciture frames

 Image Courtesy – Little Things

All of us boast a set of those old hardcover books which are useless, yet too nice to not retain. Talking of this, we own a collection of images, too which are preserved in a shoebox because of the dearth of proper arrangements. This DIY picture frame will definitely help you keep your hard bounds and give your photo cluster, a place to stay.

To know how to make this beautiful frame, you should go here.

2. Pictures Wood Look Good Here


 Image Courtesy – DIY Joy

Vintage or old school looks never fail to impress. The authenticity they carry is wonderful. This DIY tutorial shows you how to design a comely holder for your pictures using a wooden pallet and some Mod Podge.

Checkout how to make this creative frame here.

3. A Twiggy Affair


Image Courtesy – HGTV

With a bunch of offshoots attached together by side, this photo frame is an epitome of creativity and charm. The rough twigs add a pleasant texture to the picture, making it really hard to get the eyes off the entire formation.

To make this interesting frame, this is where you should head over.

4. Scramble to Scrabble

DIY picture frame

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

Scrabble, undoubtedly has helped a lot of people to win a number of points. What if the pieces were used in a photo frame to address your beloved, winning you their widest grins? This frame helps you live your thought.

Have a look at how to make it on this page.

5. News’pep’er It Up

DIY paper reeds

Image Courtesy – Bobvila

Old newspapers have always been a subject to worry about. The heaps are unmanageable and difficult to store. This frame talks about incorporating such an unconstructive thing in making a photo frame by having few small pieces of it rolled, fixed and showcased.

To reuse those old papers and magazines and turn them into art, you should visit this page!

To have yourself occupied with moments gone by, in the most alluring and warmest ways, pick for your captures a picture frame that not only befits them but also, your discrete mood.

Featured Image Courtesy – Den Garden

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