Sushi Art: Adding a Twist to the Classic Roll

sushi art panda bento

Remember those days when we would all get excited over pretty patterns in our coffees? But now, art in a latte is so passé! What’s not so out of date, however, is sushi art! Whether edible or not, it’s always simultaneously beautiful and delicious. To be honest, even regular sushi is artistic enough already, and it’s practically pornographic for a minimalist. These quirky takes on the Japanese dish just make it even more appealing. Be warned though: this article could make you seriously crave sushi; we know we already are.

1. Tempur-ing

Japanese artist/chef Tama-chan uses her sushi rolls as her canvas. Her subject? Everything! From classic paintings like Munch’s ‘The Scream‘ to political figures like Barack Obama, and even the more out-there things like brains and babies in wombs: she’s done them all. Her delectably-plated food looks almost too good to eat. (We did say almost, didn’t we?)

Even in the face of opposition, she’s held her own, against purists who claim sushi is already an art form and are against her ‘tampering‘ with it. Her Tokyo restaurant and her creative reinterpretations have persevered and she vows to take her skill forward, taking classes in Omotesando, Tokyo.

Stay updated with Tama-chan’s ever-growing ideas with her Facebook page, or buy her book Smiling Sushi Roll.

sushi art obama tama-chan

sushi art obama tama-chan

Images Courtesy- UFunk and DesignTaxi


2. Rice to Meat You

Since sushi is clearly the ultimate best food of all, the other foods are starting to get wildly jealous. But amazing chefs have started sushi-fying all kinds of dishs (giving the other ones a fighting chance). You know this is not just a trend when master sushi chefs like Hiroyuki Terada are into it! Terada turned a Big Mac into a sushi roll and created an intriguing dish that he descried as,

The best of both worlds.

His finished result puts both dishes to shame!

The Buzzfeed staff tried everything in their sushi from taco to pizza, while chef blogger Dan Whalen made breakfast waffles in the style of sushi (throwing caution to the wind because so what if sushi literally has to involve rice?) and subsequently posted a tutorial for those brave enough to try it, too. This is all confusing and tempting in equal parts!

dan whalen waffle sushi

mac and cheese sushi

Images Courtesy- Business Insider and Tablespoon


3. You Maki Miso Happy

We’ve found three adorable products for the sushi lover in everyone! …No, they’re not edible.

If you’re the kind of person who keeps forgetting things and also loves sushi (an oddly specific combination, we might add), you need this in your life. That’s right, sushi memo pads. These are going to let you stay organised and have fun doing it. You can buy these on Matomeno for $21, but if you don’t speak Japanese, you’ll need a reliable translator. (Order one for us, too, if you have one!)

sushi memo pads
Because su-she’s all that.


Designer Jenny Pokryvailo is known for her quirky products, and her series of towels that look like sushi when rolled up just so are no less. These towels, that come with instructions on how to roll a maki, are the perfect way to keep dry. The Israeli artist’s work can be seen at Ototo and Behance. Her other creative ideas, like the Loch Ness monster-inspired ladle, blow us away and are not to be missed either!

sushi towel jenny p
Because that’s how we roll.


Japanese brand Parco makes suitcase covers designed to look like sushi (among other things). This way, you can keep your luggage safe from all sorts of dust and be super kawaii while you’re at it (and also transform the conveyor belt to a sushi bar tabletop). Their catchphrase?

Have a safe and delicious trip!

sushi suitcase covers parco

Images Courtesy- Matomeno, CargoCollective, and Parco

These products are soy amazing!

4. Don’t Play Koi With Me.

Of course we’ve saved the best for last! The chefs at JunsKitchen have created sushi that looks like real, swimming koi fish. Their signature dish, which involves traditional sushi components (rice, cod roe, squid, shrimp, seaweed, cucumber, and radishes) plus one secret ingredient, has been making headlines since the Japanese restaurant opened. They have recently revealed their recipe, which can be viewed on their YouTube channel or on tabi-labo.

real-life-swimming-koi-sushi juns kitchen

real-life-swimming-koi-sushi juns kitchen

So realistic that your cat will want some!

real-life-swimming-koi-sushi juns kitchen
Nigiri, please. 
Images Courtesy- JunsKitchen


These brilliant chefs and artists have taken an already intricate and beautiful art form to an altogether new level. With their quirky and unusual perspective to food, they’ve added their own twists to sushi and created something novel and exciting. Of course, not all sushi art is so, and some products make us take a step (or seven) back. These neko-sushi are probably an invention we could do without. Especially the grandma cat sushi. Each of the artists featured here, however, has contributed to simultaneously carrying forward and modernising the age-old art that is preparing sushi. The dish, with its elegant slices and elusive umami flavour, is unassuming and yet refined.

We guess what we’re trying to say is, we really love sushi.

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Featured Image Courtesy- SeroundTable

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