The Team


Rashika Sood


She finds Entrepreneurship way cooler than Microbiology, which led her to co-found The Yellow Sparrow. She can spend 18 hours straight infront of a computer screen surfing the web for interesting projects and people and can basically find anything about anyone on the internet.(This is what she does at TYS 80% of the time) Her other roles include bossing around everyone, being a social media junkie and getting everyone to write (because she hates it herself) She loves talking to people and interviewing them, this is why you will also find her striking random conversations with strangers at Starbucks. Her mom has named her car “Agni 3” because of the way she drives it. In her free time she can be seen rock climbing, swimming or jumping off planes from 15,000 ft. Btw she was the shortest basketball player in her school team for 7 years. 

Panya Baldia

Panya Baldia


She has held the title of a walking talking pop culture encyclopedia since the beginning of time. Oh did I mention she has a flair for dramatic writing? I guess it’s a part and parcel of perpetually being engrossed in the fictional world. Meeting every challenge with her intellect and wit, she makes for an interesting read. Armed with words and a keen sense of satire, she would want to be Alice lost in wonderland forever.

Riya The Yellow Sparrow

Riya Bahl


Often found with her nose in a book, Riya would eat, drink and breathe words, if she could. She lives for food, travel & puns and if you ever ask her to choose between these, she might just have an existential crisis. Her superpowers include social awkwardness and the ability to watch entire seasons of TV shows in one day. Apart from fangirling over fictional characters in hopes of bringing them to life, she also specialises in cringing at bad grammar and exhibiting l’espirit de l’escalier.


Anirban Goswami


A journalism student by major and a photographer by heart, his passion and love for photography surpass the known. Filled with unparalleled wanderlust, his forte lies in immortalizing landscapes and the bustling life of the city through his camera’s lens. Known for exuding emotions and culture through his photography, he dreams of having a picture of every nook and cranny of the world in his darkroom. A little flamboyant by nature, and a believer in minimalism by profession, his camera lens leaves no photogenic stone unturned. Apart from being a great photographer, he excels in krewella fanboyism and is often found drooling over Yazzy.