The Coalition: A Festoon Of Creativity

Ever imagine what would happen if you were to put a huge number of creative geniuses brimming with ideas in a room together? Intimidating as it sounds, that’s exactly what ‘The Coalition’ has dared to do for the third year in a row. India is a country teeming with talented and creative individuals in search of a platform where they can share their ideas and learn from others. That’s where The Coalition comes in with a far-reaching vision of ‘creating a budding creative community in India where people can come together to cross-pollinate ideas and initiate a dialogue about the business of creation and creativity.’


The third edition of the festival TC3 is to be held at New Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium over a period of three days from March 4 to 6, 2016, playing host to 30 curators and over 200 speakers in 11 streams encompassing Design, Publishing, Journalism, Comedy, Content Creation and Music. Founded by Only Much Louder  as a boot camp for individuals who wish to transform their ideas into business ventures, TC3 will showcase a perfectly curated cocktail of workshops, panel discussions, masterclasses and networking events.

Some of India’s most creative minds and intellectuals will be in attendance from publishing leaders such as Padma Bhushan award winning journalist Shekhar Gupta, Brown Paper Bag editor Supriya Nair to some of India’s most famous comedians like Kanan Gill (one half of the Unpretentious Movie Reviews duo), four members of the AIB collective – Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Gursimran Khambha and Ashish Shakhya, the hilarious Abhish Matthew and writer/comedian Radhika Vaz.


Highlights from TC2, 2015.

Highlights from TC2, 2015.

To all those wondering if they’ll be welcome to attend TC3, here is the invite list from the official website, ‘whether you fall under the student, aspiring or established category or call yourself an artist, artist manager, writer, musician, producer, director, ad, marketing or events professional, designer, actor, comic, web developer, app designer, gamer, animator, YouTuber, social impact entrepreneur, chef, restaurateur or any combination of these, you are invited!’ True to their vision, the festival calls out to every imaginative mind in the nation.

Sunaina Harjai, the founder of Hats Off Accessories, credits her experience at The Coalition for playing a big role in starting her venture. Speaking about her experience she says,

I think The Coalition is a brilliant platform. After my last year at Coalition, I’ve made some wonderful friends and contacts who have helped me get ahead with my brand. And I think it was a great experience for me as a young entrepreneur to know more about other entrepreneurs, and the workshops are extremely useful for learning and inspiration and also for collaborations.

Agreeing with Sunaina is another entrepreneur, Jaytirth Ahya, founder of The Road Trip Experience. He admits that “Coalition was where RTX was born” and urges attendees to

Meet everyone! Get into conversations, speak freely about your motivations, your ideas and your vision. Everyone at Coalition always has an interesting story, things you can learn from.

Madhuvanti Mohan (whom we’ve interviewed before), founder of Something Sketchy, spoke to us about how exciting it was for her to meet passionate artists who functioned on the same wavelength,

My experience at the first Coalition was amazing. It was so nice to be around so many like-minded people who were equally passionate about what they were doing, and were facing some of the same issues that I was. The idea for The Sketchup (her illustrator’s group) came to me after I attended the first Coalition.


The Coalitions aims to create an environment where possible collaborations and venture will usher in a new era of economic development in India and being a part of this festival gives attendees a chance to grow individually and also, as a collective industry.

We, at The Yellow Sparrow are big believers of The Coalition brand and can vouch for all the incredible opportunities it presents. We attended it last year and were absolutely blown away by the amazing people we met and indelible experiences we had. With that being said, we’re extremely excited to be there again this year, it’s an opportunity we don’t want to miss!

To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of speakers in the film, comedy, food, photography and fashion categories that you should absolutely attend, do not miss this opportunity to imbibe a plethora of new experiences!

Details of the festival’s schedule are available on the website, along with different options of passes (which can bought here). So, if you’re a dreamer, an entrepreneur or even anyone who just wants to expand their network, come and be a part of the movement.


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