Copenhagen’s Human Library: Where You Can Read Humans Instead Of Books

Libraries are the go-to place for any book lover. A time to escape reality, relax and learn. You would probably go with the same objective in mind to this library as well. Except, instead of books, you get to choose humans. Yes, you read that right. Imagine a library where you get to choose conversations and go through the chapters in the life of another human being instead of a book.


The Human Library is a social initiative to encourage conversations between people. You can walk into the library and choose a person you wish to talk to, and then have a conversation with them about their lives.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. The library literally aims to achieve just that. The people, who are the “books” here, have been subject to social exclusion and discrimination at some point in their lives. Don’t judge these people on the basis of their difficulties and experiences.



The Human Library was created for the 2000 Roskilde Music Festival by a group of Danish activists who formed a group in response to a violent hate crime. The initiative aims to challenge social prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination.

It provides a framework to open a respectful dialogue between two people in a safe environment.

The Library is based in Copenhagen, and has spread to over sixty countries in the world including parts of Asia and Europe. The movement is growing at a very fast rate, with more and more people joining in every day.

You can read more about this heart-warming initiative on their website. If, after that, you want to donate to their cause (which we are sure you will want to), you can do so here.

All Images Courtesy Of The Human Library

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