Tranquility in Coorg: My experience at Evolve Back Luxury Resort

Sunset in Coorg

Coorg is for anyone who wants a restful vacation away from the hustle bustle of the city.  Located in the midst of coffee plantations, villages and forests, Evolve back luxury resort (formerly called Orange County Resorts) promised tranquillity for a few days. So I went looking precisely for that.

The subtle scent of coffee frequently flows into the resort and tempts everyone for a cup. Birds chirp in the forest, and you might rush to the courtyard to try and catch a glimpse of them before they fly off.

The resort due to its excellent location retains an absolute serene silence, which is only broken by chirps and rustling of leaves.

My lily pool villa was spacious, surrounded by banyan trees and had a laid back vibe. The courtyard had a swimming pool and a gazebo in addition to the lily pool. The gazebo had a large comfortable bed and a Kodava hut shelter; it was great to get a lazy afternoon nap. But I do wish the swimming pool in my villa was slightly bigger.



Lily Pool Villa, Living roomCourtesy: Evolve back luxury resort, Coorg


The food in the resort can be best described as soulful. It had a complexity of flavour that results only from  Indian authenticity.

The Plantain Leaf is the all-vegetarian restaurant at the resort and reliable for the favourite dal and roti along with medu vadas and coconut chutney. The Granary features an assortment of Kodava dishes and the resort’s speciality Pandi curry, which is a spicy pork dish.

I wandered into the Vaidyasala, Evolve back’s Ayurveda Village after the delightful lunch and had a soothing almond oil massage.

The resort also has a lounge on stilts that offers a view of the surrounding coffee and spice plantations; it is perfect to get your own novel here or borrow one from its library and read as you sip fresh coffee, comparing its aroma to the one wafting from the fields.

A unique experience that Evolve Back gives is to live a day like that of coffee plantation worker. One can help plant and prune the coffee plants, harvest ripe berries and even carry sacks of coffee on their head to the truck.

It was not just fun but poignant too. Most lifted up 2 or 3 sacks excitedly, got tired and moved on to pruning and picking berries. I was reminded that who feed their families by performing this strenuous labour every day rarely have such a choice.

As I was leaving to get a flight from Mangalore, I was greeted again by the smiling faces that welcomed me. The staff had been courteous and kind during my entire stay. I thanked them and returned to the rush that is Delhi, a bit more peaceful like I wanted.


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