Visual Storytelling: 3 Artists Whose Photographs (Literally) Depict Stories

The time, when you used to be a small child tucked inside a warm blanket, waiting for sleep to kick in, the most soothing voice to hear was that of one of your parents’ telling you a story, wasn’t it? The human mind is riveted by stories irrespective of whether it is an Aesop’s fable or a friend’s own experience. However, are words the only medium through which stories can be conveyed? Absolutely not! Recently, creative sophists have found a way to integrate the art of storytelling with another art altogether enhancing the eloquence of both the arts by blending them into one – the art of depicting stories through photography. The humdrum audience does not peculiarly apprehend the fervor behind fervorous camera captures. Hence, here are a few artists who help us in doing so, by articulating the beauty of photography through storytelling.


1. Arjun Kamath

Engineer by degree, photographer by talent and a dignitary by heart, Arjun Kamath is a creativist who is markedly recognized for commencing the popularizing of the art through his photo-story series denominated as ‘Coming out’. In this series Arjun brilliantly demonstrates how LGBTs are horrendously looked down upon by the rightists of the country which constitute to around eighty percent of the country’s population. He conveys a very powerful message via the means of beautiful high definition quality pictures. Through his story, Arjun expresses his opinion of discontent for the regressive criminalization of homosexuality by the Indian law. Here are a few pictures from the story.



 Image Courtesy – Arjun Kamath via Facebook

Arjun currently studies photography arts in University of Southern California. He aspires to complete his studies and get into film-making after coming back to India.

Although Arjun is very passionate about photography, he is not exactly a fan of fame. His passion and love for the camera is the only reason behind his solicitation of photography. Arjun lays great emphasis even on the tiniest of details of his photos. For instance, in his previously mentioned popular series, the last picture is of the cupboard burning, with kites stuck around in trees in the background. According to him, the kites resemble freedom and them being stuck is an analogy to the oppression of freedom to choice of love in the country. Such intricate analysis can only be associated with how passionate a maestro he is.

Check out Arjun’s official Facebook page to take a glimpse at his other brilliant works.


2. Siddhartha Joshi

TEDx speaker Siddhartha Joshi is one of the most renowned Indian photographers. A perfect example of ‘being different’, Siddhartha is an ardent traveller and through his pictures Siddhartha tells stories about the various amazing travelling tour adventures each time he experiences one. The best part about these stories is that they are not just his own stories, but also comprise of peerless experiences of peerless people he comes across during his journeys.

Siddhartha calls himself ‘The Wanderer’ because he believes that life is meant to be lived by hopping around from place to place, imbibing as many different experiences as possible and getting introduced to new people, places and cultures. He believes that there is much more to life than monotone, which can be beseeched upon only when one learns to create happiness out of the most unexpected experiences. Here is a strip of pictures captured by Siddharth, scooping up his experience at Dresden, Germany in the Moritzburg Castle.


sid2 sid1 sid4 sid5

 Image courtesy – The Wanderer

Although Siddhartha is a Pune based industrial designer by profession, he manages to find time to relish his love for travelling and photography. Siddhartha loves to interact with people, and derives happiness and content from the deluge of experiences and cultures he stumbles on each time he visits a new place.

He has been avidly passionate about photography since he was a child. Combining his hobby of photography with his designer skills and his mesmerizing travelling experiences he is able to give a whole new and beautiful outlook to photography. Siddharth’s blog ‘The Wanderer’ is one of the most successful blogs on Internet, and the place where he tells his tales through beautiful pictures.


3. Amanda Charchian and Claire Oring

Who said a story needs to be long? A story can be a sentence, a sentence tiny but creepy enough to send shivers down your spine. Amanda Charchian and Claire Oring are famous for their series containing photographs taken by them with a plethora of filters and effects to give it a spooky feel. Each photo is finally embedded with a word, such that when each word is read in sequence, states a profound and creepy message. Here are the photos of the paranormal photo-series.


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 Image Courtesy – Claire Oring

Check out other works of Amanda and Claire on their official websites.


The art of storytelling through photography is a great example of how beautiful an art can be. Artists who have professed this art, have clearly defined an emblematic aura for themselves. These artists have left upon a strong message upon people. The key to success is to live a life following your dreams and not giving in to the norms, with absolutely no regrets.

 Featured Image Courtesy – Crafts Hub



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