6 Creative Ways To Splash Colour Onto Your Formals

Are you as sick of seeing black, white and grey on the streets as we are? From the skyscrapers to the people, we all have adapted to the norms of a “formal” setting. Except monochrome is not expressive enough. Sometimes, we wish that we could pass off that rainbow sweater with a pair of blue jeans and a sombrero as formals because that’s exactly how we feel!

Maybe we aren’t that casual yet, but work spaces have become more liberal with what’s considered formal and what’s not. And it’s up to you how you want to test the rules without breaking any! So it’s time to bend the dress code!

Here are tips you can adopt while styling yourself for a formal environment. Do keep in mind that only one of them should be applied at any given time. Which means that if you’re going to wear a silver pair of brogues, you’re going to want to leave your blazer black and your shirt white!

1.  Blazers

Blazers are a very important element of a formal outfit and can pretty much decide whether your look is a winner or totally wrong. This makes us think twice about experimenting for the fear of being too bold. But if one plays their cards right, your look can easily make you stand out of the crowd, in the right way, of course.



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The first step is to pick a blazer that fits right, it could be of any colour or pattern from bright red to paisley printed, plaid, floral, anything under the sun! The next step, would be to pair your selected blazer with the right elements. One must refer to a colour wheel to find a colour that is complementary to your choice so that your over the top blazer is perfectly balanced and professional.


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Women, find some blazers here, and men, right here!

2. Funky Footwear

Footwear is an integral part of your look. A colourful pair of dress shoes can easily lift your outfit to the next level! One can make sure that at least one of the colour components of your footwear are complementary to or the same as your clothing to maintain some balance and avoid confusion!


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Find a cool pair here or here maybe?

3. Snazzy Pants (or Shirts)

Patterned or solid coloured shirts and pants are a very expressive item of clothing and can be worn to your advantage to add character to your outfit. Just make sure that there are no other patterns or hues that contradict your look. Which means that a certain level of contrast must be maintained.



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Though there are certain ground rules which always apply. Like the no fluorescent colours rule or the avoiding high contrast  rule because you don’t want to overwhelm people in formal settings, you want to intrigue them. Pastel shades, navy, maroons and wines are a classic which we can lean on. 

The same applies to skirts as well! You can pair your patters with your solid colours and really have a good time while looking stylish and classy!

4. Trippy Ties

Neckties and scarves have always been in the limelight when it comes to formal fashion. But it is only off late that the possibilities are being explored to the fullest. Recently we introduced you to the uber quirky bow ties from Quirk Box. Ties come in all prints, shapes and sizes and add sophistication.


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All one needs to do is keep one’s options open by stocking up on ties and make sure that you know how to tie your tie (or bowtie) in different styles to keep them creative and interesting.


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5. Jazzing It Up With Jewellery

This may be the most tricky part of accessorizing. Crossing lines is very easy with workplace jewelry but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have any fun!


 Image courtesy : styleapastiche.com

The best way to start is to choose the right size. If your piece is a thin chain or a small pendant, one can take the liberty to add shimmer but if your piece is large, it is best to play along the lines of darker colours that add structure to your look rather than distracting the eyes.


 Image courtesy : masalamomas.com

Bracelets and rings are totally an option as long as they are not large enough to obstruct you from performing tasks that are required of you!


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6. WATCH out! The cat’s out of the BAG!

Watches and bags, both, are essentials in the urban professional’s life. They’re the most functionable part of our wardrobe and can truly make a statement in a way our clothing can’t.

Watches are in built into our daily routine so it is safe to say that they belong in our formal outfits. Today, watch manufacturers are churning out literally insane watches that do their job and make your look interesting!



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Find some of the coolest watches here.

Bags are a staple for individuals on the move, so, might as well get super quirky ones! There aren’t as many restrictions when it comes to what’s right and wrong but one must make sure that the bag in use is durable and not easily soiled. Faux leather and synthetic material bags are long lasting, classy and fun option!



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Bag some bags here.

Another tip when opting for vibrant accessories would be to pick a highlight colour. This colour should be present in very small quantities in your clothing so that your accessories do not seem out of place and neither do they steal the entire show. Remember to make sure that your outfit is predominantly subtle for this sort of styling because we always need to pay attention to our work environment and avoid distracting our peers.

It is all a gradual process, moving from monochrome to rainbow. We cannot possibly apply every rule at the same time! Find a colour that suits you and then build up the rest around that. Also,one must always remind themselves that less is more.

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