21 Ways To Unlock Your Creative Genius

Creativity often comes during bouts of wonder and inspiration. It slowly sneaks in, tiptoeing towards its vessel (yeah, that would be you) and knocks at your door when you least expect it to. No, it doesn’t care if you are free enough to entertain it or simply just too busy to even have the time to catch it by its tail. You could be ready to collapse on the bed after a tiring day, busy writing an important paper or sitting in the bath tub – and voila, there it is, promising and tantalizing, a beautiful fragment of melody or lyrics for a perfect piece of poetry.

Creativity turns up at its own pace and time, somewhat like a self centered queen, who doesn’t give a damn if the party is halfway through or over already. It comes and goes as it pleases. You have to pay attention to it and only then will you be able to acknowledge its beauty.

But sometimes, when there’s a desire for much needed inspiration, it decides to stay put. Your creativity very conveniently chooses to sit back comfortably behind those locked chambers in your mind, denying you those much needed waves of inspiration and ideas. And when time is running out, you just can’t deal with its tantrums and obstinacy. What is one supposed to do then? Well, fear not, as we guide you through the tough times and figure out ways to coax your creativity to step out of those closed doors and enlighten you.

Here are some creative and innovative ways to unlock your creative genius:

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1. Question everything

Never underestimate the power of curiosity. Innovative souls are always asking whys and whats and they hardly accept established notions. When in doubt, question others and yourself. Your Creativity might just raise its hand and speak up like an excited little kid who has all the answers.

2. Daydream and doodle

You don’t necessarily need to be focused all the time. Let your thoughts run wild. Scribble, squiggle and doodle absolutely random stuff. You never know when your mind will end up joining the dots that you thought were unlinkable scatters.

3. Forget perfect

Perfection is an illusion and its pursuit is exasperating. Nothing’s ever perfect and there’s always room for improvement. So take your mind off of the desire to be flawless and just go with the flow.

4. Pick up the worst idea

Once in a while, choose themes that make you go “Um.. Maybe not.” You’ll develop the art of being able to work with everything. Each idea has an element of risk in it and sometimes it’s okay to experiment with the seemingly dangerous by stepping out of your comfort zone.

5. Write it down

Jot down your ideas. It’s always best to write every idea down, rather than facing trouble recalling it later. Keep a track of even the smallest idea that strikes your mind, doesn’t matter if it’s about the suit that you are going to get tailored or about icing a chocolate cake. Bottom line – Be comfortable in vocalizing even the wackiest ideas.

6. Think like a genius

Try to draw inspiration from great creative souls. You don’t need to be super smart; every person interprets things in a different manner. Who knows, maybe the way you perceive a particular fragment of art (which might not even be remotely connected to what the actual art is about) might help you hit the bull’s eye.

7. Get moving

Sitting on the same chair, staring at the same wall in your office and wondering why you can’t come up with an idea isn’t going to help. Get up, move around and engage in any physical activity that you fancy, say, walking or swimming. Go outside and try something new and exciting.

8. Unplug

Take a break from the superficial and distracting social media. Switch off your cell phone and laptops for a few hours and do something absolutely mundane yet relaxing. Take a shower, play with your pet or doze off for a while. Give your mind the rest it needs.

9. Be silent

Silence can be liberating. Find a peaceful corner for yourself (your bedroom, the beach or even the library) where you feel at ease and introspect. Every individual can be creative; all you need is the right environment and stimulus.

10. Focus

If your energy is scattered amongst various projects, you’ll not be able to realize your true creative potential. Focus on one task at a time and examine it from every aspect. Concentrate and give undivided attention to the task at hand.

11. Practice

Visualization and imagination are the foundation for all that is created. Just like any other art, it takes practice and patience to master the skill of thinking creatively. It also takes commitment to push your mind to think originally.

12. Imagine distance

Step back and examine the task at hand from a distance. Take a distant and disconnected approach to come up with more creative responses. Scrutinize the task from a by-stander’s perspective. After all no one gives better judgement than a third person.

13. Be a copycat

Learn from the classics. Study about theories given by the minds that laid the foundation to all things great. For the solutions kept behind locked doors, knowledge is the key.

14. Call a friend

New endeavors need a well-thought-out plan as well as the right support. Find people who are more likely to shore up your ventures while having the capability of handing out unbiased, constructive criticism.

15. Look outside your industry

Everything under the sun has the power to inspire you. Don’t limit yourself only to the things you love. There’s so much to look up to; every art form has a great deal to offer. Look around, you might just find your muse.

16. Ask people

Seek out other peoples’ points of view. Interact with mentors and reverse mentors – the experienced people and the younger tech-savvy ones respectively. Keep your mind open to new ideas and pay attention to what people from each generation have to offer. Soak in all the wisdom.

17. Say maybe

Don’t shoot down ideas immediately. What does not make the cut right now might float your boat later. Creativity is all about perspective and being open to possibilities.

18. Make small bets

Step outside your comfort zone and experiment. Take a chance with the little things first and as you gain experience, play your bigger cards. Don’t be afraid to gamble every now and then. In due time, you’ll learn how to play your cards right.

19. Reset goals

Set your priorities straight and devote more time to the things that top your list. Move step by step, working on the list from top to bottom.

20. Don’t wait

Weigh the pros and cons of every decision carefully, but do not waste time by over-analyzing. Maintaining the right balance between deliberation and decisiveness is important.

21. Start over

Not all creative ventures work out well and when that happens, don’t lose hope. If you are stuck in a creative rut, go back to square one, re-conceptualize your problems and think about what you really want. Start working from scratch but only this time, look at everything from a different angle. You never know when inspiration might strike.

IMAGE COURTESY – Entrepeneur Magazine

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