Welcome to the Flock: Meet Our Interns

Summer may have waxed and waned but it left us with one last gift—a new batch of writers. The Yellow Sparrow is delighted to have more people to chirp with us. For the next three months, you will find articles from four of our writing interns popping up and we’d like you to get to know them a bit better!


Ojaswi Malik

ojaswi  Ojaswi Malik is a 15 year old currently studying in 11th grade at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram. An avid reader, Ojaswi likes to sing and go on bicycle rides when it is cloudy outside. What Ojaswi aspires to become is a happy and content person, ready to make mistakes but to have no regrets. Ojaswi wants her pen to continue racing, her words breathing out the words of her soul. One of her favorite quotes is, “Dream with your eyes open,” and she tries to live by it.



Sandhita Chandra

The Yellow Sparrow Meet The Interns

Sandhita Chandra is a grammar geek with a special corner in her heart exclusively for poetry and anything gruesome, grim or morbid. She loves a good book and green tea on rainy days (or any other kind of day). At any time, she can be found with a little notebook on a windowsill, with a pencil tucked behind her ear or above her lip. She listens to Beethoven and death metal (and everything in between).



Arshi Gupta

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Being a lover of words and caffeine, Arshi can be found with a book in one hand and coffee in the other at all times. Nicknamed the ‘Queen of Last Minute’ by her friends, she has a tendency to procrastinate and get swept away by the fictional world, be it books, movies or TV shows. Wanderlust and correct grammar are the two things that she swears by (she’ll correct your grammar by reflex, no kidding). When she’s not reading up on random topics, she’s waiting for her Hogwarts letter or for Gandalf to come and take her on an epic adventure.


Amisha Singh

20150708_173523Amisha is a downright kitty lover and lives with the hope of finding a basketful of cats someday, somewhere. She regularly carries out kindness raids in an attempt to upgrade the world. She is best friends with tragedy; and misfortune is like the little lamb that keeps following this Mary around. There is seldom a day when bad luck doesn’t show her its pretty face. From dropping her shoes on the metro tracks to being slapped by a monkey, she’s been there, done that! And when joblessness strikes, she can be found fangirling around with the Supernatural fandom!

So that’s it, folks! Say hello to our latest sparrows. They are a bit quirky, a bit crazy and a whole lot of fun; but most importantly, they’re the extraordinarily talented and creative people who’ll be bringing in the daily TYS mail to your virtual doorstep. Here’s to a whole lot of chirpy happiness for the next three months.


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