The Yellow Sparrow is an organization that works with only one goal – to bring out the creative side in you. We want to entice you to explore your imaginations, feel the wind that free thinking blows your way, unshackle yourself from logic, fear, and inhibitions. We do that through three ways:

Inspirations – We curate artistic content from all over the web everyday (or make our own). Excellent works of art, music, photography, entrepreneurship – if it smells of creativity, we sniff it out. We talk about awesome infographics, fun tips, weird things you should look at, or sometimes we just talk about how we’re losing out on life in general. You get it – we strive to inspire.

Interviews – Creativity is not a lost art – in fact, if you see through your daily lives, you’ll see it all around you. How can we miss out on talking to people who see the world in a different light? The same people we talk about, we talk to. We pick the minds of people who’ve learnt how to keep their creative juices flowing, and against all odds continue to do so.

Initiatives – To join the dots, we’ve gotta do more than just talk about creativity – we actively court it. Whether it’s about holding events or just bringing together a group of like-minded people, we do what we can to inspire and encourage people. Some people believe creativity is something some people are born with – we’re here to shatter that assumption.

Too many people talk about the bad, too many people are obsessed about what’s immediately in front of them, and worst of all, too many people stifle their creativity because the global demand for it is at an all-time low. We’re however, going to do what we can to nurture that little yellow sparrow in you, which keeps on chirping about all the fun things you can do.

Everyone has that creative itch. We’ll help you scratch that.


– The TYS Team


If you’re interested to work with us, intern, advertise, or contribute in any other way – we just gave you the link.