We at The Yellow Sparrow believe creativity nests within every individual, merely needing a platform for rejuvenation. Our Team has created and nurtured this online platform, and there is no reason for us to impose restrictions on how many people can use it. Everyone is welcome! If you feel like this is the kind of opportunity you’ve been waiting for, and are just dying to express yourself in words, pictures, videos, music, art, or any other medium you can possibly think of that we can materialize here, where have you been all this time?

Here are the three ways in which you can do that;

Community Content

Have this great article that you wish had a bigger audience? Ever considered that some of your words were worthy of being shared with the world? Send us your articles, write about tips and tricks you’ve learnt, tell us your creative stories – and if they resonate with our mission, get ready to spam your friends about your work that got featured on the TYS website. All you need to do is send us a properly formatted version of your article via email.

Guest Workers

Have a great idea for a creative event or project, but don’t know how to get about it? Are you abandoning some great words because you do not have the pictures to do them justice, or are you a photographer lacking someone to tell your story? Why, we have a few people around here that can help you. Let us know, you never know what pans out!


Feel like working here? It’s not a burden, and we don’t need you to do anything 9 to 5. We, the coalition of creatives, acknowledge that most of the creativity hits you only after it’s dark and the hassle of daily life settles down – so live that secret world of yours, where the regularity of regular life disappears, and the dreams unique to you start setting in. Drop us an email telling us why you wish to intern at TYS, and attached copies of your CV and relevant work experience.

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