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From ‘face-lift’ in a bottle to ‘miracle youth potion’, the anti-ageing beauty industry is fraught with tall claims. It’s not that all anti-ageing products are fraudulent, but the majority do not live up to their promises. In fact, they often stretch the claim well beyond what’s possible from any skincare product.

*Results may vary person to person

*Results may vary person to person

Whether you are concerned about the appearance of fine lines* or uneven skin complexion*, or fighting advanced signs* of aging, there is one action-oriented product that should be included into your skincare regime to achieve that dramatically younger-looking skin – Skin Opulent Advanced Anti-Ageing Cream*

Skin Opulent Advanced Anti-Ageing Cream “is your injection-free product to radiant*, beautiful skin that looks years younger.” Numerous clinical trials have been conducted and the formulation seems to be supported by science. We tested the product for 4 weeks and found it to be a high-performance formula that will be perfect as a daily use product.

After daily use for 4 weeks, we were delighted to find 3 major improvements in our skincare quality.

  • Dramatic Improvement in Fine Lines

Skin loses its suppleness primarily due to age and unprotected sun exposure (where is your sun-screen lady!). Experts, around the world, stand by sunscreen as the undisputed superstar anti-aging product. While we can’t undo the damage of harmful UVA and UVB agents, Skin Opulent Anti Aging formula claims to deliver whole collagen molecules to the skin, helping in rejuvenation*

*Results may vary person to person

*Results may vary person to person

1 week usage revealed a considerable drop in dryness* and rough skin texture. After week 2, there was seen an increase in youthful suppleness*. 4 weeks and there was a dramatic improvement in fine lines and sagginess all over the face including the delicate lip and neck area*

  • Defeating Discolouration and Achieving Even Skin Tone

The bane of old-age- discoloured skin. Be it dark spots or redness, the Skin Opulent Anti-Ageing Formula started targeting discolouration* right from Day 1.

We discovered that the cream is formulated using soothing ingredients such as Cucumber fruit extract and Mint extract and stimulating ingredients such as Ginseng root extract. A combination of these three work wonderfully on tired, age and pollution-battered skin.

The best bit was that all 3 ingredients are nature-derived and felt like a guilt-free indulgence. What a relief!

  • Astounding Improvements in the Under-Eye Area

No product- natural or chemical- can completely eliminate the puffiness of the under-eye region. But you can definitely improve the appearance of the lifeless, flaky skin that’s sagging under your eye.

*Results may vary person to person

*Results may vary person to person

Skin-Opulent is a perfectly emollient cream filled with skin-replenishing ingredients that will plump and brighten the tired eye area*. Think of it as the moisture-shot it needs to look supple* and young* again.

It has a flowing balm-like texture that will smooth away flakiness, reduce redness*, and impart a dewy radiance to your face.

Overall verdict

Our experience suggests that the product is a must try. By adding it to your daily skincare regime, you will definitely see an improvement. While it might not remove all your anti-ageing woes, it does a great job of adding that much-needed hydration and plumpness to dry, flaky and saggy looking skin.

But don’t forget to add healthy food, exercise and plenty of water to your daily lifestyle.

How To Purchase

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*Results may vary person to person

*Results may vary person to person

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