The Best Visual Marketing Campaigns of All Time

We know you’re bombarded with advertisements all the time, but there are a few which make you stop everything that you’re doing and pay attention to them.
Here’s a list of all the marketing campaigns which did all of that, and more!

Burberry: Snapchat Testino

This marketing campaign is often dubbed as one of the greatest marketing technique of 2015, and is said to be the face of the future of marketing. The English high-end fashion brand Burberry took to highly popular photo-sharing application Snapchat, and live-streamed the entire Spring 2015 Collection’s photo-shoot, done by the amazing photographer Mario Testino.
According to Digiday, Burberry did not respond to a request for comment on how much the Snapchat Discover channel cost to sponsor, or how many people worked on its production. However, a Recode article last year said that publishers were able to ask advertisers for between $50,000 to $100,000 to run ads on their Discover channels for one day.



Although the campaign lasted for only 24 hours, it made an impact so strong that people are still talking about it! For a mobile first campaign, built for mobile, through a mobile, delivered on mobile, it was the perfect mix for their target audience, and boy, did it work! Burberry sure knows how to keep its audience and its market at their toes, since the 24-hour long tease was enough to keep them waiting through the winter for their upcoming Spring collection!


Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

We’re pretty sure that no matter where you live or where you’re from, you must’ve at least once heard about Dumb Ways to Die, and most of us even played it on our very own smartphones.
Public service announcements are known for being boring, so back in 2012, Melbourne Metro Trains decided to liven things up a bit with their visual marketing campaign, and came up with the perfect way. How do you convey a message to avoid deaths caused by train accidents? You add cute cartoons, a catchy tune, and some dark humor, of course! And so they came up with some catchy lyrics about several dumb ways to die – getting your toast out with a fork, doing your own electrical work, keeping a rattlesnake as a pet, selling both your kidneys on the Internet, to name a few.


As expected, the campaign went viral. Within 24 hours, the song reached iTunes Top 10 Charts, and has 140 million views on YouTube as of this date! And it just didn’t stop there, the campaign went on to include posters and displays throughout the metro station, stuffed animals of the characters, a mobile app, an educational book, and a mobile game!


Let’s just say it was the cutest, and the most effective marketing campaign we have seen to date.

Fun Fact: Metro Trains noticed a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths on its network. Cool!

ALS: Ice Bucket Challenge

This one, you know it just had to be on the list. These challenges were all the rage back in 2013, and your Facebook newsfeeds were flooded with people pouring ice cold water on themselves, nominating people to do the same, and then donating some amount for the ALS Association. But here’s the best part: ALS never planned this campaign!
Wait, what?!
Yup, a golfer from Florida, Chris Kennedy, nominated a friend to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge, which had nothing to do with ALS at the time. The campaign wasn’t associated with any specific charity; participants could choose where the donations went, but since Chris had a relative who suffered from ALS, he chose to direct his donations to the organization, and so it began!
Eventually Chris got in touch with individuals in the ALS community and the campaign continued to take off.



The result? An incredible response not just nationally, but also internationally, that brought in over $15 million for the charity. It may not have been an intentional marketing effort by the ALS Association, but it sure made a mark!

Coca Cola: Share a Coke

We know youfeltincredibly happy when you finally found your name on your bottle of Coca-Cola, and that’s exactly what Coke wanted. They wanted to adopt a personal approach, and what’s more personal than to have your name on your favorite beverage?





Coca Cola’s Friendship Machine

Not just that, as a part of this campaign, Coca Cola also introduced the Hug Machine, the Coca Cola Friendship Machine, and the Small World Machines, which aimed to bring India & Pakistan together, to name a few, and you know it all had to work, and it did! It reached out and touched people in a way no advertising campaign had done before. It brought out a personal touch, and that is bound to increase not just your customer loyalty, but also your customer base, and that was just perfect for Coke.

Small World Machine

Small World Machine

Apple: Get a Mac

This one dates back to 2006, but it has been one of the best of all times. Apple took a unique approach by creating a witty, side-by-side comparison with their main competitor, PC.


What almost seemed like a comedy sketch, the set of 66 commercials, spanning for over four years, featured two men in front of a white background, to keep most of the focus upon the product and the differences between the two, while exemplifying Apple’s special functions, easy user experience, and security features

In order to make it a global campaign, Apple got itself actors from all over the world to create some cool and ‘nerdy’ characters, all with a brilliant script and a fresh, informative approach.

As a result, Apple’s sales increased by 12% right after the first few commercials aired, and in the last quarter of 2006, Apple sold a record breaking 1.6 million Macs, a 39% increase, and sales continued to spike throughout the entire 4-year campaign.

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

Get ready to get your waterworks going, because this is exactly what this campaign was all about. It tugged at people’s heartstrings, while demonstrating how exactly their products are meant to be used. We’re not going to ruin it for you by talking about it, you’d have to see it to experience it!

Needless to say, the campaign went viral, and generated a huge response, all while resulting in a greater use for Google’s Products.


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