4 Ways to Use Facebook Live For Your Business (+ 2 Case Studies)


When it comes to engagement and sharing, video wins hands-down. Brightcove statistics indicate that social video generates 1,200 percent (and that’s not a typo) more shares than do images and text, combined. Combine social video with the world’s most powerful social network, and what do you get? A social media magnet that’s bound to draw views and shares.

Facebook Live made its debut last year when the company tested the new service with selected accounts. Now available to all users, Facebook Live requires only a video camera, an Internet connection and a Facebook account. The social media site does all the rest.

Users share live-streaming video, while friends and fans react to the video as it streams. Unlike what they need to do on competitors Periscope and YouTube, viewers on Facebook need not watch the entire video to get to the parts that interest them the most.

4 Ways Your Business Can Capitalize On Facebook Live

#1: Address Blog Comments


One way to use Facebook Live video for your business is to discuss a topic that your audience is interested in. For example, maybe you’ve written a blog post on a subject that you know your readers will have questions about.

Although you can answer readers’ comments on your blog, it’s much quickerto schedule a Facebook Live video session where you can answer many of their questions at once. This encourages your fans to tune in for the live video session rather than wait for a replay. It also saves you time because you can address their questions upfront.


My blogging income report

Posted by Darren Rowse on Monday, July 11, 2016

If you happen to get questions months after you’ve published your post, you can share a replay of your Live video.


 #2: Give an Inside Look at Your Business

You can also use Facebook Live video to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at your business and how you work.

For example, suppose that some of your followers are interested in getting into your line of work. You could use a Live video session to share your process and educate people who are looking for this information.

You might also focus on an aspect of your business that your target audience would be interested in learning more about.


We’re glazing, frying and sprinkling our donuts LIVE in celebration of National Donut Day tomorrow, June 3rd!

Posted by Dunkin’ Donuts on Thursday, June 2, 2016


#3: Promote Your Upcoming Event


Facebook Live is a great way to announce an upcoming event. Once you’ve planned the event, create a post to let fans know you have a special announcement to make. Then, share specific details about your event on your Live video.

When announcing an event on Live video, be sure to have an easy-to-remember URL that you can share with your viewers. Post this link in the video comments as well, in case viewers don’t have a chance to write it down. Use a tool like Bitly to create a URL that you can track.


We’re talking about #BlogHer16!

Posted by BlogHer on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

If you plan to promote your event on your other social networks, it’s helpful to create a trackable URL for each platform so you can see where you’re getting your event sign-ups.

You can also use Facebook Live video to stream a live event. For example, if you’re attending a conference, you could network with speakers and broadcast interviews to your audience to keep them tuned into your Facebook page.


 #4: Tease New Products


Another way to use Facebook Live video is to give your fans a sneak peek of your products. For example, if you just received a shipment of a new product, but it’s not yet available on your website, you could use a Live video to tease it to customers.


Limited edition Oakmont staff bag and headcover reveal! Join us and ask questions. #USOpen #FBLive

Posted by Callaway Golf on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

If you use this tactic, consider providing a link during your video to take preordersand capitalize on the excitement from your customers. The Live video also gives you an opportunity to answer questions from excited customers.

Let’s look at a few success stories now

2 Businesses which used the Facebook Live video tactic and got ultimate results!

#1: Broadcast a Milestone Celebration


Results Fitness Santa Clarita decided to do a Facebook Live flash mob to celebrate their 16th anniversary. Although the culminating event seemed impromptu, weeks of planning went into it.

Here’s how they did it.

1. Build Excitement With a Story

Fitness professionals and gym owners Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove started the celebration by sharing their stories. To build up anticipation, they shared a different post on the first four days of anniversary week.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

In preparation for any event, do whatever you can to make it personal. Build a genuine rapport with your audience and they’ll be even more invested in what you have to say when you go live.

2. Plan the Event

While Rachel and Alwyn needed to get permits from the city, your planning might be as simple as picking a date and planning the event.

They also started a secret Facebook group to coordinate. Fitness instructors, participants and anyone involved with the flash mob itself were invited to the group. This made it easy to share practice times and other logistics.


3. Build Buzz With a Live Pre-party


To get their Facebook fans excited about the big surprise, Results Fitness broadcasted the pre-party. The owners, staff, and guests were interviewed live.

A behind-the-scenes pre-live can help you generate anticipation for a surprise event.


4. Broadcast Live


The Live flash mob went for 9 minutes and got 360 views.

With a performance Live such as this, in-the-moment interaction via comments is less likely. However, you could always stay on afterwards and engage with your audience.


5. Post the Highlights


Rachel and Alwyn created a 3-minute highlight reel from the flash mob and uploaded it after the fact. It received 400 views the day it posted.

Whether you post a sizzle reel, a clip, or the event in its entirety, do some form of follow-up. Thank those who attended and shared in your celebration, too.



Because of the flash mob and all of the Facebook interaction surrounding it, memberships at Results Fitness increased. People loved the fun and wanted to become part of the culture of the gym.

#2: Stream an Online Sale


The Funky Fairy is an online store based in the United Kingdom that sells personalized, embroidered gifts for kids. Owner Vicki Stewart decided to do a sale via Facebook Live to liquidate the personalized items with kids’ names in her overstock inventory.

Here’s the process:

1. Plan and Have a Sale


The Funky Fairy did three sales over four days. Each was a stand-alone Facebook Live that ran about 20 minutes. The first sale went so well, Vicki did a 2nd, the first and second each had about 7,000 views and then a 3rd which got about 10,000 views.

During the Live, Vicki chatted as she showed the names and available sale items and people would comment to request the names they wanted. If customers wanted an item she didn’t have on sale, they were directed to the special order page.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

To make the most of it, do a sale on Live as a limited-time or limited-inventory sale or series. Alternatively if you’re a consultant without physical stock and you want to get more of a certain type of client on your roster, offer a limited number of coaching slots for people in that industry.

Another option is to limit a sale to only people who are commenting during the Live broadcast. You can then make a different offer available to those who are watching the replay.

2. Engage With Viewers


Interact and respond to comments while you’re live as much as possible. Be sure to go back to comment after the fact to make sure you responded to everyone and met all the needs of your audience

To avoid being overwhelmed, the best solution is to have a moderator help you out.  Ask a team member to respond to the comments and take note of the comments that will need your immediate attention.


3. Add Behind-the-Scenes Flavor


In addition to the Live broadcasts, Vicki did a Facebook Live video broadcast showing a product being stitched. This helps give potential customers a better look at the process, so they’re more invested in the product they were considering purchasing.


4. Repost and Repeat


If your Facebook Live goes well, repost it so people can see what they missed. Also, on the Live broadcast, let people know about your next Live video, so your audience is more likely to tune in. Build their anticipation about what you’ll offer next.


The response to the Funky Fairy’s sales was so amazing, Vicki had to expand her team.

In Conclusion

Examples of these two success stories motivate everyone enough to use the facebook live video to use to make progress in your business. This not only helps you give a better outcome for your business but also keeps your buyers happy and excited, it also gives a satisfaction of legitimacy of your business.

So what are you waiting for! Get creative and give your business a push by using the Facebook Live Video streaming!

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