An Afternoon of Being ‘Positivally Cynical’

If you were one of the fortunate few who strolled into the Kunzum Travel Cafe on 14th June 2014, you probably already know about the treasure trove of poetry, music and emotion that was unlocked in one of its rooms over coffee and cookies (an exceptionally delicious variety, mind you), between the hours of 12 and 3 pm. For those of you not already in the know, this quaint little cafe, tucked away in the heart of Hauz Khaz village recently played host to a poetry event – ‘Slamming Poetry’, organized by Positivally Cynical.

Perched on footstools, chairs, ground cushions, and in plenty of cases, simply camped out on the floor, sat a motley group of logophillic young adults, providing a non-judgmental and accepting free space for their poetic peers. From stunning slam to tear-jerking narratives to eloquent sonnets and light-hearted limericks; this group simply had it all- and more. Going with the theme of no restrictions, guitar music, beat boxing and table drumming were all a welcome, much cheered, part of proceedings, segueing seamlessly with the overall flavour of the afternoon.

The result? Pure magic – a kaleidoscope of emotions running from smiles to “Oh’s” and “Ahh’s” and even occasional drops of moisture in one’s eyes. Not limited by any restraints on language, form or genre-these young poets surprised everyone, including themselves.



However, the real icing on the cake was the unexpected arrival of celebrity poet-Pratyush Pushkar. A multilingual writer with a penchant for writing some of the most beautifully expressed pieces. He chose to regale the crowd with two of his works – a decision that resulted in 30 people being taken on a mental and emotional trip away from themselves, yet one after which each person present eventually felt closer to themselves and to all members who had partaken in this journey of souls.

People left with their minds enriched, hearts warmed, stomachs full and Facebook friend lists noticeably larger, all looking forward to the next time they get another moment such as this. 


Author: Shambhavi Sengar, Positivally Cynical

Photographs: Positivally Cynical and Pallack Bhutani

Curators: The Yellow Sparrow Team


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