Books, Art & Puppies: A Day In The Life Of Conceptual Artist Kira Issar

Kira Issar

A conceptual artist, studying an intimidating combination of English Literature, Journalism and Psychology, an Instagram star and an overall bundle of creative joy, The Yellow Sparrow team tracked Kadambari Kira Issar through the day to see how a creative goddess lives. From creating funky projects, to coming up with conceptualizations not only for her own blog but also various brands, she is all but a superwoman handling it all along with attending classes like a normal 20-something (Is anyone else thinking about Clark Kent Syndrome here?).

Here’s a sneak peek into Kadambari’s relaxed and productive schedule for the weekends


10:00 AM

My day begins beyond late, as I scramble out of bed after a tiresome week of mundane classes and photograph-work. If I’ve had my fill of trash – which includes nachos, crispy chicken burgers, deep fried chicken dimsums and chocolate drenched waffles on repeat through the week, I make myself a massive jug of thick orange juice with plenty of pepper to fool myself into feeling momentarily healthy.

Kira Issar

11:00 AM

I spend the next two hours reading the book I fell asleep reading the night before, and constantly negotiate with myself as to which chapter would be my last one until I get moving for the day. There are days when my day’s activity and productivity ends here.


1:00 PM

If I manage to find a chapter that gives me closure temporarily, I make myself some avocado-toast or a big bowl of cereal as brunch while I paint on canvas or my watercolor papers – I usually listen to Ludovico Einaudi or random acoustic covers of songs I find on YouTube to go with.

Kira Issar

3:00 PM

I try to never work on Saturdays, but these days I’m flooded with commissioned work and I usually have photographs to edit, emails to respond to, packages to send back to labels, some graphic work overdue or a personal project to work on. I’m a busy bee three PM onwards – but not for too long.

Kira Issar

5:00 PM

If I wind up in time, me and my boyfriend usually stroll around the neighborhood taking different lanes each time whilst I find myself thrilled about finding a leaf that’s shaped differently – or a wall that makes me unreasonably joyous – or perhaps a feather or dusty pebble that makes me jumpy and giddy while he nods awkwardly in approval trying to make sense of my fascination. I just hop around, taking pictures of all that I find aesthetic.

Kira Issar

5:30  PM

We have lots of puppies around us whom we feed biscuits to and sit down by the sidewalk to cuddle – it’s just sheer happiness to be in the company of dogs. I have 2 German Shepherds back home, and I genuinely miss them bad enough to cuddle anything with paws and a wagging tail. Here, we see Mocha – the cutest boy on my lane!

Kira Issar

6:00 PM

I usually harass and drag my boyfriend above my building to catch a peek of the sunset which can either be a buzzkill or quite the fascination above Bangalore’s bore of a skyline – I usually take a billion phone pictures of it that I don’t find appealing in the least right after I’m done taking them. We usually call it cheat meal as we head to Mc Donald’s for a happy-meal for dinner if the toy’s worthwhile – or I have him cook me a wicked chicken curry while I complain about my life in general.

Kira Issar

You can follow Kadambari Kira Issar on Instagram  for a peek into her phenomenal aesthetics and work!

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