Always Wanted To Build Your Own Guitar? Samir Karnik Shows You How

The Chaiwala Team‘s recent video on Samir Karnik, guitar maker, is an inspiring and captivating piece of art, that details the innovative process of creating a guitar from scratch, by hand.

The video takes the viewer through the creative journey and struggles that luthier Samir Karnik experiences as he creates the instrument from start to finish, while at the same time depicting various steps of the time-consuming process that Karnik describes as meditative and

spiritually uplifting,

as menial work done for hours at a stretch often is. Some people clean, some colour, and others pray, but the preferred form of meditation for the guitar maker is just that. However, as the focus of the video becomes the beauty of creating with one’s own hands, so do the hypnotising images begin to ‘focus,’ literally, on Karnik’s hands as he scrubs and twists and winds and so on, in a manner that is almost mesmerising. The repetitive motions draw you in and encourage you to go out there and build your own guitar.

Guitar Maker Chaiwala Team Samir Karnik

Karnik at work

He leaves us with the suggestion that everyone should try creating something with their own hands, at least once, because it will definitely enrich their life in some way. We hope you take his advice. Send your creations to us on our Twitter or Instagram and remember to support your makers.

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