Most Common Team Performance Issues & How to Tackle Them

It is the duty of every manager to identify the shortcomings of their team. It is needless to say that if there are any team performance issues, the actions of a manager can easily reduce the effects.

So, let’s have a look at some of the common team performance issues: </p<

Excessive Absenteeism – This performance issue is one of the very common concerns, that an organisation faces. It is true that some emergency situations cannot be avoided, however, taking a casual off now and then can affect the performance of the team. The most common days of such occasional leaves being Mondays and Fridays, are popular among employees so that they can have an extended weekend.

Lack of Proper Communication – Many times teams have suffered due to poor communication. Inefficient communication leads to misunderstanding and repetition along with many other problems. Over time this issue can generate a lack of trust among people. This issue, if not properly addressed, can unfurl a bigger problem that will affect the entire team’s performance.

Inability to Settle Conflicts – It is human nature to disagree, and conflicts are a very common issue within the team. However, being a manager, it becomes your obligation to settle disputes. If the team is unable to settle the conflicts on their own, the right leadership and consistent development will allow them to do so. If conflicts are not resolved, they can convert into a severe stumbling block in the goals’ way.

Ineffective Leadership – Team leaders and sub-leaders need to understand that they have to convey the roles to their subordinates very clearly. Effective leadership makes sure that there is a clarity of function, purpose and accountability. It has been remarked that ineffective leadership directly affects the overall performance of the team.

Now, since we have had a look at one of the standard team performance issues, let’s have a look at how you being a manager, can tackle them.

Acknowledge the Issue – The first step towards the solution would be acknowledging the issue open handedly. Whenever an employee or team member comes to you, to report a possible issue, pay your utmost attention and try to understand what actually is going on.

Open up a Dialogue for It – Once you have acknowledged the issue, make sure that you get your team members around for a meeting and try to gain more about this issue. Your objective here is to facilitate this dialogue, by initiating, properly listening and helping your team to solve the current difficulties.

Create an Action Plan – The final step to tackle the issue is to create an action plan that must be devised after consulting with your team members. This action plan must be very rigorously implemented, and the results should be measured on a periodic basis. You can get in consultation with your team once again when you feel that changes over the issue are taking place. You can even plan a reward once the problem is completely solved.

Indulge in Team Building Initiatives – A lot of managers nowadays, are taking up team building initiatives such as corporate events and activities. Such programs enables your team to come out and gel up with each other. These activities will help your team improve their communication and generate respect for each other as well.

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