7 Creative Ways To Wear A Saree This Festive Season

With the festive season round the corner, this Sparrow would like to lend you a helping wing to not only help you sort your wardrobe but also take you through several innovative Saree drills you definitely won’t be sorry about. We promise you a fret-less festive season and you can thank us later. For now, let us bring out the diva in you with these creative ways to wear a saree and remember – Your Sari, Your Style. Let’s pleat!

1. Why Should Boys Have All The Fun?

This one was brought to us by the Bollywood style diva whose style statement makes us So-num(b) (Geddit?). Adding a streak of westbound fashion to the traditional drape is what makes this dhoti saree so unique. Don’t fret, ladies, that sass is easy to get. See how to go about it here.


2. Fasten It!

We all wear belts with trousers, skirts and dresses, don’t we? Ever tried wearing it with the saree? The belt is more like the kamarband only back with a bang. The belt is not just an accessory but it is also a part of your outfit as it gives a very sleek and a classy touch to the saree. The belt saree is indeed an epitome of tradition turning into trend!


3. The Quintessential

Let’s take it back to the cradle – Bengal. Don’t the Bengali women absolutely rock the white saree with the red border (little translation of shada– white and laal par– red border) especially with the nath we told you about (remember?) and their own style of draping it? This one way of draping the saree remains evergreen forever. Watch here to be a stunner this Durga Puja.


4. Knotty Affair

This saree is painted with shades of elegance and simplicity at the same time. If you want to sport monochrome, you gotta do it this way. This sumptuous way of wearing this saree is so knot happening.


5. Suit Up

Style it up with that blazer and take our word for this, this look will never disappoint you (even a cloak works just fine). Occasion or not, this is the ‘rock chic girl in a hard rock world’ kind of look that everyone loves!


6. Gives You Wings

This look is also the ‘always a killer’ look. Wedding or work, you’re bound to be the head turner around.  It’s called the butterfly way of draping the saree. Learn to get those gorgeous wings here.


7. Crop It Out

With crop tops never going out of fashion, here’s to wearing sarees with crop tops. Not only does it give a different meaning to your outfit but you definitely stand out in the crowd. And in case they crop you out, remember you are the solo picture.


Try these really cool saree hacks right away even though it’s never too late to say saree!

                                                                                                                                                                                                            All images courtesy of Pinterest

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