Easy DIYs For A Last Minute Halloween Party That Will Leave Your Guests Impressed

Last minute parties are a thing for a reason: people manage to pull them off. But when the theme is Halloween, let’s face it, the expectations are a little high. Nobody wants to spend their Halloween at a party they can tell was planned last minute. Does that mean we got to get our lives together and plan better? Hell no. What that means is that we’ve got some DIYs after which your guests will never know how long your Halloween party planning took. Check them out!

1. Decor

A Halloween party should look it, no matter how last minute it is. These DIY tricks make for a Class-A spooky ambience with everyday items.

A) Table Decorations With Oranges

Yes, oranges make for great table pieces during Halloween because of obvious reasons (mini-pumpkins!). Just draw scary faces on them and place on the table. They don’t take up too much space and bring the traditional colours to your party in minimal costs; after all, all you need are oranges and pens!


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Oranges can also be used as lanterns and serving bowls for candy! Check out how that happens here.

B) Easy Eerie Living Room

What is the patent ghost look? Flying white sheets. Replace the lights with candles and create a ghostly, abandoned atmosphere by covering your furniture with pain white sheets. Warm candles bring chills down your spine, and don’t forget the huge spooky shadows they’re going to make all on their own. We guarantee that this one’s a five minute job that’s more effective than anything else you’ll find.


Image Courtesy: Country Living

C) Weary of the Walls

Include your walls, windows and mirrors in this year’s décor by adding ghostly reflections made out of translucent paper. Work, for example, with butter paper. Cut out easy ghosts and stick them up. Another way to go about it is to draw it up on papers that match your walls and stick them on windows and mirrors. Pair this up with a playlist of creepy echoes and screams and you’ve got yourself a Halloween.


 Image Courtesy: Country Living


2. Costumes

No Halloween is complete without a costume. People often want to go all out with their costumes but there are easier ways to look awesome on Halloween. Check them out!

A) Shh, I’m A Film Actor

Silent film actor costumes require a vintage style dress, pearls, and a dialogue cart. A simple black dress can easily pass for vintage and honestly, who even needs real pearls? Learn how to make it work with Shrimp Salad Circus. Plus here’s a makeup tutorial, just in case white face black lips aren’t enough ‘all out’.


Image Courtesy: Today

B) In The Shadows

It’s time for the shadow to shine. What’s scarier than a ghost? The shadow of a ghost. All you need is a black morphsuit and some creativity. See what you can do with it here.


Image Courtesy: Tikkido

C) Use Your Wardrobe, Girls

Don’t underestimate that little black dress, it can turn you into a celebrity, a dark princess or a wounded monstrosity. Watch Sienna Spalding on YouTube explain easy DIYs for Halloween.


Image Courtesy: Ytimg


3. Food

Let’s face it, food and drinks are the reason people party. Halloween is just the perfect excuse to. So let’s pump up Halloween with what the party is really about: FOOOOD!

A) Phantom Faces

Food with a face is the first and easiest trick in the book.

Got dip? Use olives to make eyes and a crooked smile.

Got milkshake? Use chocolate sauce to make eyes and a crooked smile on the whipped cream.

Got pizza? …You get the gist.

img_1347-pm600c Image Courtesy: Alida’s Kitchen

B) Frankenstein’s Smile

A picture’s worth a thousand words and a picture is all you need to learn this one. I’ll still spell it out for you – 1) Cut an apple into eight slices. 2) Slather each slide with peanut butter. 3) Stick marshmallows between two slices. 4) Get creeped out.


 Image Courtesy: Godfather Style 

C) Mad Scientist Potions

Take a drink, safely add dry ice and voila! – the perfect Halloween drink is ready to be served! To add spark, you can serve drinks in jars and test tubes, like those in a lab. You can also label them with names like ‘Vampire Tonic’ or ‘Monster Mixer’. These drinks are going to make your party smoking! Here’s how:


 Image Courtesy: Ytimg

Jennifer Valentine shows a safe and thorough way to get this done. Take a look here.


Now that we’ve given you the key to an amazing Halloween party, we expect an invitation too. Don’t expect gifts though because we know how much effort you put into your party. Happy Halloween!

 Feature Image Courtesy: Florist Chronicles

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