Head in the Clouds – 4 Ways Cloud Computing Has Changed the Workplace Forever

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Can you remember how long it used to take to complete tasks before the computer was commonplace? Technology has come a long way since then and continues to change at a rapid pace every year. One of the most recent inventions taking the workplace by storm, however, is the cloud. The cloud is a type of shared pool computer system that enables you to carry out a range of tasks on the internet. From answering your phone to storing data – it’s a one-stop shop that is changing the workplace forever. Here’s what you can expect when you welcome it into your company.

Remote Working
Some of the world’s most profitable and largest corporations are welcoming cloud communications by way of remote working with open arms. Letting your staff work from home can save time and resources, as well as offering the opportunity to maintain a virtual office at a mere fraction of the cost of a regular office lease. You can still keep a prestigious business address and phone number for mail delivery and customer care, but you can work from your home address – or anywhere in the world.

Secure, Seamless Storage
Safe, secure storage of private documents used to cost a fortune – and it was never 100 percent safe. Anything you printed could fall into the wrong hands, and you could lose local data as soon as you dropped or broke your computer. Cloud storage is a game changer. You can upload all your work files, data, and anything else your business needs into the cloud – forever secure thanks to stringent safety regulations.

While there’s no denying that not all online data is safe, what you store in specific drives through leading corporations is more secure than if you were to save it on your mobile phone or sticky notes in your backpack.

Cost Cutting
One of the most significant changes of all with the introduction of cloud computing is the sheer volume of cost-cutting that can take place. Working remotely removes the need for a physical location and everything that goes with it, while online storage allows you to say goodbye to hefty servers that take up space too. You can also hire workers from all over the world which can prove to be less of a burden on your wallet while deepening the pool of talent available to you.

Better Communication Options
Did you know you can answer your landline telephone from anywhere in the world? Cloud computing is impacting your communication systems too. You can make use of VOIP phone systems which use IP networks or the internet to make and receive calls. You can also divert them to your mobile or another device, make and take calls around the world, and save money in the process.

However, communication extends to your workforce too. Have you got a project with which everyone is involved? Make use of the many cloud-based collaboration applications and software that allow people from across the globe to work together in real time. Nothing will fall through the cracks.

Cloud computing has changed the workplace forever, and it’s for the betterment of productivity, a company’s bottom line, processes, security, and storage options. While it might take a while to adjust to new systems that are online as opposed to manual, you will be surprised at how they transform your business and everyday life. Incorporate cloud computing into your business today to immediately take advantage of all it has to offer.

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