Infographics for Business: Why They Work & How to Use Them for Your Idea

We are a part of an ecosystem which thrives in the likes of spontaneity and celerity of several works that occur almost every other day. Pace compliments our mood as much as sluggishness tarnishes it. In a world, where money easily stamples the prices, time is the only thing, the greenbacks we boast of cannot buy. As a result, all of us look fallen into a compliance which goes by impairing anything but our time. This new age concept has not only revolutionalised the people but also the sphere around them. Out of the varied concepts acting in accordance with this idea, illustrating their existence and dispensing the favorable outputs, Info-graphics have emerged as a wondrous savior of people’s time, safeguarding its value like never before.
Info-graphics, as terminology suggests, means a visual representation of information or data. It is a well liked abstraction amongst the professionals because of the ease and feasibility it comes with. Drawing out the utmost positive responses, it is not marveling to regard as true, the worthiness of information graphics and its merits.

Here’s why infographics for business are essential!

Composition Is Key

A well designed info graphic should be absorbing and explanatory. It should help its witness convert an otherwise boring situation into a captivating experience. Making use of interactive content like infographics not only helps your business proliferate but also fortifies its sustainment against any odds. Composition should be in accordance with the concerned idea/product, appealing to the target audience and supported by other engaging inputs.


Picture Courtesy- Creative Market

Quality and Its Bonus

Info graphics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles. Visual information suggested with equally informative pictures tends to settle well in our minds than plain simple writing. Info graphics attract even playful rejoinders if provided with quality that is effluent and at par. According to the surveys, 40% of people respond better to images rather than text and publishers that use info graphics grow in traffic at an average of 12% more than those who do not use it. Well, we think now it pretty much immunes this coolbie from unnecessary ponderings and confirmations.

Tips to spread your ‘Info-graphics’ as a wildfire

The success rate of idea behind creating info graphics lies in its ability to reach the consumers or public. One needs to be cautious while picking the tools needed to construe it in an accepted way. The topic being engaging should be settled with a unique title, statistics must be implemented during the process and a proper broadcasting over the social media, should be undertaken. An info graphic should avoid a white background and be able to communicate to the patrons in not too many texts.


Picture Courtesy- Abduzeedo

1. Success As An Evaluation

Creating info graphic deploys your idea incompletely. Having said that, you are required to measure its eminence and dominance by keeping a check over its success rate. There exist methods of evaluation like measuring search engine optimization, determining branding success and discovering the increase in social buzz, if any to assist your scrutiny. A timely check not only consolidates your grip across the market but also, help you give up clunky ethos.

2. Target Your Audience

Ensure that your info graphic effectively invites the people resonating with the idea of your business. It needs to be focused, planned and portrayed wisely, hence, send off the rest of the traffic. Create an info graphic that is most likely to attract patrons who will help endorse your product or enlarge the extent of its approach. Here’s an example of info graphic that effectively targets those in the teaching field:


Picture Courtesy- Chicago Now

3. Numbers Play With ‘Info graphics’

Statistics are the most reliable components in a business to promote investments in some new or nascent ideas. With 56,765+ tweets and 301,100+ average global monthly searches, info graphics have set the numbers on every statistical chart, sky high. Info graphics help increase search engine optimization which results in higher search engine rankings and more visitors to your blog/website. It can help your business in the SEO benefits- that is getting noticed in a positive way by the Google search engines. Info graphics dispersing functional and profitable information are preferably to be liked and shared more on social platforms which further reinforces the Google rankings and helps grow your business.

4. Creating an ‘Info graphic’

Where designing info graphics by your own self seems like a long process to finish, you can outsource to specialists to wrap up your work. You will require a compilation of data that you wish to present visually followed by its submission to the agency or professional you are referring to. Moreover, you can include a set of extra details, those required in your final product. In this way, you can amplify your customer reach and expand your enterprise. Attached below is an info graphic showcasing how much coffee graphic designers drink every day, by Creative ID (an info graphics specialist/creators).


Picture Courtesy- Creative-id

 5. ‘Info’ Is The Key Element

Designs are necessary but don’t forget to pack your info graphics with thorough and complete information about your plan or objective. After all, one benefit of info graphic is that it is shareable on social media with a single click of a button. Images support your info graphics immensely and generate high engagement on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thus, someone might just help you flourish. You never know!

Have a look at this infographic from Pennsylvania recovery centre Clarity Way:


Picture Courtesy- Clarity Way
Featured Image Courtesy- Design Your Way

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