Meet Joy Wilson, The Creative Baker Behind The ‘Drake on Cake’ Series


Joy Wilson is a self taught baker, who eventually turned into a professional one after a series of experiments and experiences. Both her parents being exorbitantly fond of cake pans and flying flour, Joy knew that baking was in her genes. Joy derives her inspiration for baking, from the city of New Orleans, since she feels that the city’s food culture is pretty exquisite compared to other places. Joy has written a plethora of books of her peerless baking recipes which are admired by people all around the world.


The Drake On Cake Project

Rapper Drake has amazingly bold and controversial stands on everything which has eventually made him quite popular; to such an extent that he is found his way onto cake frostings as well. Recently, Joy came up with a new idea of starting a ‘Drake on Cake’ campaign where she bakes beautiful cakes and doodles hysterical Drake lyrics onto them, giving rise to a remarkable combination of humour and magnificence. Joy is a big follower of Drake and his songs. She believes that some of his song lyrics are just meant to be cake adornments since they connect really well. Joy has really managed to create a whole new genre of a food and pop culture.

drake-on-cake-collage-3 drake-on-cake-collage-4

Joy has created a new Instagram account for this unique project of hers, where she post pictures of her creations. She also appreciates any kind of contribution that someone desires to make. Lyrics of her favorite songs are plotted down in calligraphic frostings not only on cakes but on cookies and pies as well. Even though there have not been a huge number of updates, the project already has a significantly large fan following on her account.
Joy is a really enthusiastic and full of energy all the time. Take a look at her Instagram and Facebook pages to know more about her intriguing bakery.

drake-on-cake-collage-2All images courtesy of Joy the Baker


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