OLA SHEKHTMAN Liked It So She Put It On A Ring

Selecting the perfect angle to put our fingers on top of the peaks of skyscrapers as if we are holding them, taller than them- this is the one thing every person has done at least once in their lifetime (or aspires to do)! Looking all around us in awe, gaping at the wondrous architecture all around us, beholding the beautiful sights in front of us, still trying to fathom the extent of their beauty. There are some monuments, buildings, statues or even simple natural sights, which hold a special place in the world. Although every place tells it’s own intriguing story, some sights are recognizable all around the world. These sights have become symbols of beauty, prosperity, nature, progress, tranquility, antiquity and what not.

Ola Shekhtman is a goldsmith with a difference. Rather than molding gold into pieces of conventional popular jewelry, Shekhtman turns gold into pieces of breathtaking creativity. She designs her jewelry in such a way that it represents world’s most famous cityscapes. She doesn’t just create these pieces by looking at photographs, instead, she travels to these places, lives there for a few years and then, after she has become one with the city, she recreates its heart and soul in the form of her jewelry. What is truly remarkable is her love for all the places she recreates. Molding metal into such detailed perfection is no joke. It takes years of hard work and dedication, which Shekhtman happily devotes.

She uses every tool in her kit, she melts, rolls, saws, smolders and then polishes the jewelry, by hand! With the end result being so stunning, one can only imagine the level of hard work and dedication that goes into making these beautiful pieces.

People love her craft for one simple yet heartfelt reason, it allows them to carry with themselves, a piece of the place they love, every single day. Shekhtman says,

I love what I do.

Maybe this is because the cityscapes she recreates hold a deeper meaning for her than being just pieces of jewelry. Every city she visits, tells her a different story, gives her a different experience- something she recreates through her craft. The fact that the she creates jewelry representing the most famous cityscapes in the world- London, Paris, Washington D.C., New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Boston, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Edinburgh, etc., also signifies a thread of connection among the people of the world. They all recognize these cityscapes, although they may different things to different people, yet, each incites an emotion in every individual, draws them towards itself. Shekhtman, through her craft, creates not only stunning pieces of jewelry, but touches the heart and soul of these famous cities, and with the people, creates a never ending emotional connection.


Check out more of Shekhtman’s craft on Facebook, Instagram (@shekhtwoman), YouTube (shekhtwoman). You can buy her beautiful jewelry on her Etsy shop.


Image Courtesy- My Modern Met


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