Sleight of Hand: Maude White’s paper art is a treat for your eyes!

Most artists work on paper, but she prefers to work IN paper. Her ongoing romance with paper is what gets depicted in all her works. Maude White is a paper cutting artist based in the Hudson Valley. She has to her credit, various group and solo exhibitions, her most famous one being her solo exhibition named ‘Birds I’ve been’ held in Buffalo, New York in 2014.


She feels a sense of comfort in paper, a sense of familiarity. The sheer permanence of paper encourages her carve out a piece of herself in it. Considering herself more of a craftsperson than an art person, she likes playing with the negative and positive spaces to create her works.

Though the permanence of paper brings her comfort, but that is also the most challenging part. Once she’s cut a paper, there’s no going back. Each cut has to be made with accuracy and precision. A single slip in the cut, and her entire work could go to waste. Yet, she takes up this challenge and comes up with the most beautiful creation each time.


Nature, patterns, stories, illustrations, she derives her inspiration from anything and everything. Artists like her, who push the envelope with their work are unique and hard to find. Maude White is not just someone with rare skills but also a storyteller. A self-confessed obsessive person, she cuts paper because she feels she has to. The joy and satisfaction it brings to her is immeasurable and her passion for her work is what sets her apart.

To know more about Maude White, check out her website!


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