In Pictures: Here’s What You Missed At Indianama 2016

Indianama TYS recap

Every year, as August 15 approaches, most of India gears up to celebrate… the long weekend.

Yes, you read that right. As the years have passed, the memories of India’s freedom struggle marred by blood, sacrifice and unity have somewhat faded into the background like the yellowed photographs of an old album. In order to shine the light on India’s journey of growth and perseverance, Animal hosted Indianama, which, in their poignant words was ‘the story of India, essayed through art’.

It was the perfect place to be to reconnect with your lost spirit of love towards your motherland. It was a celebration of India’s rich heritage, mesmerising folklore & scintillating diversity—and what better medium to bring it to life than with art. In case you didn’t witness Indianama unravel from August 12-18, here’s a recap of our favourites.


Indianama TYS recap


Indianama TYS recapIndianama TYS recap












Indianama_Sudeepti Tucker

By Sudeepti Tucker

Indianama_Rutuja Patil

By Rutuja Patil

Indianama_Gargi Chandola

By Gargi Chandola


Indianama_Shweta Malhotra

By Shweta Malhotra

Indianama_Shreya Gulati

By Shreya Gulati

Indianama_Sharon Borgoyary

By Sharon Borgoyary

Indianama_Shantanu Suman

By Shantanu Suman

Indianama_Kunel Gaur

By Kunel Gaur

Indianama_Furqan Jawed

By Furqan Jawed

Indianama_Avinash Jai Singh

By Avinash Jai Singh

Indianama_Adrita Das

By Adrita Das



Indianama brought together 69 artists to take you through each year of independence thus far, in an exhibition filled with their renditions of India as it ages. All artworks were up for sale too and half of the proceeds went to the NGO Karm Marg which is a care home for disadvantaged children. It provides education, skill development and employment opportunities for youth and women from marginalised communities. The other half of the proceeds went to the artist.


Karm Marg NGO Indianama

50% of the sale proceeds from the artworks went to the NGO Karm Marg which is a care home for disadvantaged children. Image Courtesy: Karm Marg


The artist line-up itself was a promising list of refreshing perspectives. You can find out which years were brought to life by whom and how on this page. Remember those boring history textbooks that put the zippiest of people to sleep? This was the exact opposite of that. The power of art is unparalleled and these creations were not just something to look at, they made you feel, think and act. We were really excited to see 69 uniquely creative perspectives of the country, culture and emotion that is India.


 Images courtesy of Indianama

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