Adverts That Do More Than Marketing A Product

Quit smoking ad

What Romeo once was for Juliet is what advertisements are for products these days. The enticing spark of romance between the two would make even the most committed couple doubt their love for each other.

The products that are entering the market today by themselves are nothing more than boxes offering the same old lousy benefits. But you combine them with advertisements, incorporating out of the box concepts and ideas, and they not only become the talk of the town but also highly functional necessities in our lives. Today almost all business organisations like dedicated dairy workers are seen churning their merchandises with high doses of promotional activities and advertising to bring out profits as thick as curd. Here we have a list of products which would have been nothing if it weren’t for the innovative and highly effective ads supporting them.


1. FEDEX, USA and Brazil

To most people FedEx is just a US based courier service but nobody ever thought of the emotional quotient attached to it. It’s ad has used maps to stunningly depict the courier service as a thread linking the inhabitants of two different land masses, belonging to virtually different worlds, giving people a glimpse of how it connects loved ones across oceans.





The tagline of Panasonic is ‘ideas for life’. The idea of this particular ad is also taken right out of daily life context; just like a mom admonishes her little one, the women in the ad is seen coercing the Dino back to where it came from. This particular ad very humorously explores the illusion of reality that the home screen creates. It compels one to buy into the virtual experience that the product has to offer.





The interesting imagery of this ad makes the sentiment of the brand, ‘colours of nature’ quite apparent without the use of words. The canvass disappearing into the blue sky in the background creates a bold statement implying that nature is not only outside the walls of our home, it can be brought inside with the aid of the wide variety of natural colours that the brand offers.





This particular ad takes you right back to your happy childhood, when sleep was not  so hard to come by. The image of the innocent infant sleeping on the cloud like mattress is sufficiently enough for one to be convinced of the comfort and warmth of the mattress.





Two guys while smoking a cigarette are gazing up from their grave, at the funeral ceremony organized in their memory. The display of the event is almost poetic. The use of the morbid metaphor would definitely jolt the users of cigarette to the ultimate consequence of their actions.



The product market has become a battlefield involving fierce competition between various advertisers. These ambitious individuals would do anything to exploit their creative prowess to put their products on top, using the most creative, eccentric and quirky methods possible in a bid to grab eyeballs and not to forget quick bucks. That is why even before the manufacturing process of the merchandise begins, graphic designers and advertisers are secured as after all, it’s their efforts that are responsible for an effective turnover. So it is safe to assume that the compelling and concise depiction of the uniqueness of the product offered by advertisements is the only thing that keeps the product afloat in the ocean full of similar merchandises.

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