Crayon Crusade Day 5


 Snippets from our Crayon Crusade at Harmony House, Gurgaon

Picture2One of our volunteers came up with a new activity, scribbling colors on Black chart paper and it was a hit!

Picture3Believe us when we say this: This is a fantastic way to get our anger and frustration. So try it out at your home and let us know how you feel afterwards 😀

Picture4We asked Sumit what he liked the most and he said: “Power Rangers”. So we asked him to draw one for us!

Picture5Khushboo wants a doreamon on her birthday. Every place we go, kids are just obsessed with Doreamon and Oggy & the Cockroaches! Which cartoons would you draw for us if we handed you a drawing sheet?

Picture6So, a kid drew a motorcyclist from a 3D model at the centre. This is quite good for a first timer!

Keep drawing! Chirps!

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